Send love and joy

Just the thought of lighting up your home with colourful candles and hanging lanterns, the joy and laughter of family reunions, and, of course, nibbling on those mooncakes and other delectable spreads warms our hearts.

Yes, gathering and reuniting with our loved ones may be difficult right now (safety first!), but #ThoughtfulConnections can still be made. Reconnect with your loved ones and reminisce those lovely memories by sending them a Mooncake Box.

It’s still not too late

Featuring Casa Hana 

An artisanal mooncake brand that has specialised in Oriental Pastries and Mooncakes since 2002. Casa Hana mooncakes are also HALAL certified, making them ideal for sending to our multi-racial friends to share the joy of the Mid-Autumn Festival with them. You may have these classic lotus paste mooncakes with or without the yolk – your choice!

Do you need some inspiration for mooncake gifts?


You know your loved ones best

Make your own one-of-a-kind mooncake box with add-ons of things you think they'll like

Personalise a Gift Box

Make your own one-of-a-kind mooncake box with add-ons of things you think they’ll like.


Add-on Blooms

Send flowers along with your mooncake! Simply select a flower bunch of your choice and include a box of mooncakes under add-ons.


Pre-curated Gift Box

Alternatively, if you prefer something seamless and yet filled with love, our specially curated Luna Box is an excellent choice too.


Just want the mooncakes?

You can also send our artisanal mooncakes packed in these cute lunar boxes to welcome the festival as a stand-alone item here. Select between Pure Lotus mooncake or Pure Lotus with Single Yolk mooncake.

* Mooncake tin will be provided at random.

Whatever choice of gift you make, we’re sure it’ll be a beautiful gesture nevertheless. Go on and create #ThoughtfulConnections today.