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Welcome to the Happy Bunch Home series!

Unleash your creativity and design your own stunning flower arrangements with our collection of loose flowers and single flower stalks. Embark on a DIY flower journey like no other, where you can create unique and captivating designs that reflect your personal style. 


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Simple Gestures, Thoughtful Connections


Fresh Cut Flowers

Have you ever felt a little creative and thought of curating your own flower bouquet with fresh cut flowers? We feel you! Kickstart that creative mind of yours by coming up with various flower arrangements for the table or any location within your home.

Our Home Series include simple yet elegant fresh cut flowers such as Hydrangeas, Eustomas, Mokara orchids and Eucalyptus. These loose flowers are perfect for those who wish to do their own flower arrangement.

We offer fresh cut flower delivery to anywhere within Klang Valley. The main inspiration of our fresh cut flowers is to promote minimalistic designs while maintaining affordability at the same time.

Baby's Breath

Flower Decoration For Home

Did you know the amazing benefits of having fresh cut flowers in your home? Flowers are known to be an instant mood booster while having the ability to reduce one’s stress. Besides that, having fresh cut flowers around the house could boost productivity and increase one’s energy.

After learning about the positive effects of flowers, you might be so excited to go through the endless list of flower decorations for home! Our Home Series will be the perfect choice for you to spruce up your home!

For instance, hydrangeas are low-maintenance plants so it doesn’t require much care when placed in homes. They also offer several health benefits such as protecting the liver and kidneys thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties.

On the other hand, baby’s breath are known as the best options for loose flowers as it doesn’t require much floral arrangements. It looks gorgeous by simply placing them in a vase by itself without other flowers around. A fun fact about a baby's breath is how they can break down the membrane of cancer cells and has the potential to save lives when placed in hospital rooms. 

Mokara Orchids

Flower Arrangements For Tables

Tables are the common spot for flower arrangements. If you purchase loose flowers, you’ll want to know how to do your own arrangement. Here are some tips on how to choose the right flower arrangements for tables:

 > Choose the perfect flower vase: Depending on the type of flower, you should pick the right vase. For instance, tulips should be placed in tall vases.

> Choose the right colors: The flowers should not be the same colour as the surrounding furniture.

> Consider using trays: To make sure the decoration stands out, use a tray to place your flower vase.