Experience elegance wrapped in simplicity with our Elegant Collection. Each arrangement is carefully crafted and wrapped in brown paper, adding a touch of rustic charm to its refined beauty. Perfect for any occasion where you want to make a statement of style and sophistication. 


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Simple Gestures, Thoughtful Connections

For decades, a fresh flower bouquet has been one of the most popular gifts to give. Giving flower bouquets helps you communicate the feelings and emotions in the most elegant way, whether it's love, joy, admiration, gratitude, compassion, love, or apologies. The arrangement of flower bouquets, the unique blend of bloom used, all work together to express different messages. And it's fascinating that each flower has different messages and meanings they portray.

Elegant Series offers you 5 flower bouquets to choose from - Belle, Joy, Hope, Dream and Faith - and to exude simple elegance, these bunches are wrapped in our eco-friendly brown paper and tied with a grosgrain ribbon. 

All flower bouquets are available in 2 sizes, the large is double the size of the medium bunch.

Belle - Lily & Rose Bouquet

The Belle flower bouquet consists mainly of Lily & Rose with a side of other blooms such as Robina Lilies, Eustoma, Carnations, Baby's Breath, Statice, Muraya Leaves and Pampas Grass. 

This flower bouquet will be perfect for those who have their own other half as the rose and the lily are both frequently associated with love. The Belle flower bouquet connected with "Ideal Love” which shows how one’s pure, innocent, and real love means to someone.

Joy - Sunflower Bouquet

Sunflowers undoubtedly indicate devotion, commitment, and longevity. The Joy flower bouquet focuses most on Sunflower and it is arranged along with blooms such as Carnations, Mimosa, Eucalyptus, Dusty Miller and Pampas.

Sunflowers, also known as "cheerful" flowers, and this flower bouquet are the ideal gift to brighten someone's day or as a treat for yourself for making it through the day!

Hope - Gerbera & Orchid Bouquet

Gerbera and Orchid make up the majority of the Hope flower bouquet. However, the florists will also include other blooms such as Carnations, Japonica, Eucalyptus and Caspias to make the flower bouquet more stunning. 

This flower bouquet is another perfect gift for your loved ones as Gerbera & Orchid are often associated with loyal love, innocence and purity. If you are wondering which bouquet to give to your partner, we recommend you to get this beautiful fresh flowers bouquet!

Dream - Rose & Chrysanthemum Bouquet

The Dream flower bouquet is for someone who loves the colour purple as it contains a lot of Purple Roses & the sweet Rosana Chrysanthemum.

If you have a sibling or a friend who just graduated, bring them the Dream bouquet!

Our florists will also add Carnations, Baby’s Breath, Statice and Eucalyptus to spice it up! This flower bouquet is for the ones who just graduated or gain success from something they do as purple roses bring the meaning of success, achievement and high honor.

Faith - Rose & Orchids Bouquet

The Faith flower bouquet has many beautiful blooms such as Purple Roses, Pink Roses, White Eustoma, Dendrobium Orchids, Wax Flowers, Murraya Leaves and Dusty Miller. 

For all lovely mothers out there, this is a perfect bouquet you can give them as orchids are associated with fertility and growing families. As the mothers are celebrating with their new bundle of joy, make them the happiest by surprising them with the Faith flower bouquet.