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Convenient Flower Delivery and Gift Boxes in Petaling Jaya

Are you in Petaling Jaya and in need of a local florist or delightful gift boxes? Look no further than Happy Bunch! We offer fresh flowers bouquets and ready-to-order gift boxes perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and those last-minute gifting emergencies. Experience the joy of giving with Happy Bunch's hassle-free delivery service right here in Petaling Jaya

Surprise your loved ones in Petaling Jaya with Happy Bunch's handcrafted fresh flowers bouquet or delightful gift boxes. Whether it's a special birthday, anniversary, or an unexpected occasion, our ready-to-order collection has you covered. Convenient, beautiful, and guaranteed to bring smiles!

With love, Happy Bunch Malaysia
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Berries Box Happy Bunch
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Tempatan Box Happy Bunch
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Pink Carnation Bouquet Happy Bunch
RM 58.00
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Sunflower Bouquet Happy Bunch
RM 78.00
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Red Rose Bouquet Happy Bunch
RM 68.00
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Lily Bouquet - Happy Bunch Malaysia
RM 78.00
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Orange Carnation Bouquet - Happy Bunch Malaysia
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Sunny Sunflower - Happy Bunch Malaysia (1102420U)
RM 48.00
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Florist Petaling Jaya - Send Love Across PJ With Happy Bunch!

No need for grand gestures, send a smile instead! At Happy Bunch, we're not just your ordinary florist in PJ; we're your partners in creating memories. Whether it's beautiful anniversary flowers or a burst of birthday cheer with a birthday bouquet, our floral arrangements are designed with pure love and passion. You don’t even have to break the bank! That's why our bouquets are designed to be easy on your wallet and easy on your eyes. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes, all perfect for spreading a little sunshine.

Having a florist near you is a necessity! Happy Bunch is in your Petaling Jaya neighbourhood and ready to save the day for any last-minute request on flower bouquets, ready-to-go gift boxes, and customised gift boxes. We offer a wide range of flowers that are made with love and suitable for any kind of occasion that is available to be delivered from Monday to Saturday. We guarantee the freshness of our flowers from our shop to your doorstep with hassle-free delivery.

More than just flowers, it's a connection. Sending a Happy Bunch bouquet isn't just about the flowers, it's about showing you care. Whether it's a birthday surprise for a friend, a "thinking of you" for a loved one, or just a friendly hello, our flowers help you connect in a meaningful way. Say it with flowers, say it with Happy Bunch – your dedicated ally in spreading joy through delightful flower delivery in PJ!

Unwrap Love With Happy Bunch's Flowers in PJ

Here at Happy Bunch, we believe that the sweetest moments come from the simplest things. There’s nothing more powerful than using everyday gestures to connect with the people we care about, be it family, friends, or even a friendly neighbour. A thoughtful bouquet of flowers, no matter the occasion, can brighten someone’s day and let them know they’re on your mind.

So, don’t forget about that friend who’s been crushing it and celebrate them with a beautiful bouquet delivery! Or maybe send a tabletop flower arrangement to a family member you haven’t seen in ages. Whether you’re celebrating a loved one’s existence with birthday flowers, or a mental health recovery with a burlap-wrapped bouquet, anything is possible with a PJ flower delivery.

Life's full of little moments worth celebrating. A job well done, a kind word, a shared laugh – these are the things that make life beautiful. And Happy Bunch is here to help you mark those moments, in a way that's easy, affordable, and oh-so-meaningful. Embrace life's moments, big or small, with the grace and charm of our handcrafted bouquets. Order now and let the blossoms of happiness unfold in PJ!

At Happy Bunch, we promise you to have the best online flower shopping experience which is fuss-free, affordable, and free delivery, making us the best florist in Petaling Jaya! You can order our flowers online with a few easy steps! First, browse your choice of flower bouquet on the Happy Bunch website. You’ll get the chance to choose either a small, medium, or large size of flower bouquet. After that, you’ll need to choose your location in Petaling Jaya and pick the best date for the flower delivery. Are you sending it as a gift for someone special? Don’t worry, you’ll have to add gifts and a greeting card for you to write any heartfelt note.

Same Day Flower Delivery Petaling Jaya

We totally get it if you need an emergency flower delivery and we are here to fulfil your needs! Happy Bunch provides the same day delivery service within Klang Valley including Petaling Jaya. You’ll definitely want to get our free delivery service which is available from Monday to Friday at 2 PM and on Saturday at 12.30 PM.

Flowers are proven to be connected to a positive and happy emotional environment. Apart from giving a thoughtful bouquet of flowers to someone you love, you can also be a reward to yourself. Buy beautiful flowers because you passed the exam or you’ve done your best! After a long week, you can reward yourself with a special bouquet of flowers by subscribing to our surprise weekly bunch. This package will be sent to you weekly and uniquely made by Happy Bunch, the best florist Petaling Jaya.

If you are worried about the price range, check out our ‘Below RM100’ category! Flowers are for all, even though you are on a tight budget. Our 'Below RM100' category is available starting from only RM59 and there are different choices of flowers to choose such as Lily, Rose, and Sunflower. There are no tricks, additional fees, or discount codes needed, we believe everyone deserves flowers. Our flower bouquets are wrapped neatly and can be easily unwrapped so you can transfer them in a vase to keep them fresh all week.

Need a quick pick-me-up for someone special (or hey, even yourself)? Happy Bunch is here to spread smiles with same day flower delivery in PJ, just like that! Why wait for a special occasion, anyway? Sometimes the best moments are the ones you don't plan. Whether you're celebrating a win, cheering up a friend, or just saying "hey, you're awesome!", a Happy Bunch bouquet does the trick. Our flowers are always fresh and bursting with colour, thanks to our amazing team of florists who works hard to make every delivery special. And, guess what? We get it – life’s busy! That’s why Happy Bunch offers same day flower delivery in PJ, as long as you place your order before 4pm. So, turn an ordinary day into a special one. What story will you create today?

Fresh Flowers From The Best Petaling Jaya Florist

We know the struggle of getting fresh flower bouquets. Happy Bunch strives to be the best florist in Petaling Jaya that offers only the freshest flowers around! If you’re looking for a specific type of flower, we are able to provide the best floral arrangements so that you can be at peace knowing your recipient only gets the best.

Even if you place last-minute orders, we are able to deliver your order within the day itself without compromising on quality! Forgetting a special occasion is pretty common, we know that! Yes, that means our flower delivery in Petaling Jaya involves any area and can be delivered on the same day, as long as the others are placed before the cut off time. That’s why we managed to maintain the reputation of being the best florist in Petaling Jaya. Our skilled and experienced florists are able to bunch the flowers with their utmost care and love so that each flower bouquet is in perfect condition.

As a renowned florist Petaling Jaya, we select, curate and arrange each flower bouquet with special attention and care. We also wish to make it a seamless experience for all our customers to place their orders easily. Within just a few clicks, you can straight away place your orders on our website. Our website also offers various payment methods such as credit cards or FPX.

Besides, flowers are always the best way to cheer someone up whenever they are having a bad day or perhaps for a special occasion such as birthdays or anniversaries. Unlike other florists in Petaling Jaya, we don’t offer overpriced flower bouquets or gifts. We want to make sure each flower bouquet or gift is affordable while being top-notch quality at the same time.

If you don’t know what kind of flower bouquets to buy, just choose our daily surprise bunch! That’s why we are a unique florist Petaling Jaya because other than our weekly surprise bunches, we offer flower bunches randomly too.

Even if you’re currently in another country and wish to surprise the ones you love, you can trust us at Happy Bunch, a crowd’s favourite florist in Petaling Jaya. You can easily place an order online via our website and send your regards to them with any of our gifts - be it our flower bouquets or gift boxes.

Sometimes we offer exciting promotions as well. Since we want to stand out among the other florists in Petaling Jaya, we have special early bird pricings as well as discounts for our regular customers.

Happy Bunch, the best florist Petaling jaya, will always be ready to deliver your desired flowers and we have different types of flowers for different celebrations! From birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, and festivities everything is available to be delivered right on time with our reliable same-day delivery service.

Each flower bouquet from different kinds of celebrations holds a different purpose, colours, and style so it would fit your special event. Happy Bunch, your go-to florist Petaling Jaya, does not only have ready-made flower bouquets, but you can also order your personalised flowers and get them delivered by reaching out here! Questions? Contact us on our live chat for an instant response or email us at