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Signature Collection

Signature Burlap-Wrapped Bouquets

Wrapped in our original burlap cloth, these bunches are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, get well wishes, grand openings, graduations, and more.

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Simple Gestures, Thoughtful Connections


You can never go wrong with the classics! The Signature Series, wrapped in our signature rustic burlap, showcases gorgeous fresh floral designs in our favorite colour blocks. Every flower bouquet is perfect for any event or reason and each design comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large!

The floral business has traditionally been recognized for huge material waste with the wide usage of single-use plastic. So, we aim to be environmentally friendly by providing packaging that won't break the customers' bank while also helping the industry reduce waste. Now, our flower bouquets are all wrapped with our signature rustic burlap with a pop of our colour block bouquets from the Signature Series!

The Signature Series offers 5 types of flower bouquets - Amber, Citrine, Amethyst, Pearl and Rose Quartz.

Amber Flower Bouquet

This colorful blend of Red Roses and Ping Pongs, designed with a red colour block in mind, will undoubtedly brighten up your day. 

Roses and chrysanthemums are always a safe bet. With their unique symbolic significance, chrysanthemums and roses can be used to commemorate practically every occasion. 

Pink and Red flowers are commonly associated with feelings of affection, attraction, and romance, making this flower bouquet an excellent choice for a first date or new love!

Citrine Yellow Rose Bouquet

Citrine Flower Bouquet

Yellow flowers symbolize friendship, but they are blended with more profound feelings of caring, affection, devotion, and the start of a new romantic connection.

Our Citrine flower bouquet, designed with the yellow colour block in mind, will totally brighten your day with warmth and joy.

 As a result, the orange rose symbolism properly combines the emotions of affection and friendship. The Citrine flower bouquet is the perfect one for your bestie!

Amethyst Purple Rose Bouquet

Amethyst Flower Bouquet

This lovely combination of purple Roses and Ping Pongs, designed with a purple colour block in mind, gives you a sense of luxury and possibly even monarchy. We like purple because it evokes feelings of trust and dependability. If you care so much about someone but you have no idea how to let them know, our Amethyst flower bouquet will definitely help that!

Pearl Lily Bouquet

Pearl Flower Bouquet

This simple and clean combination of Madonna Lilies and White Roses, designed with a white colour block in mind, exudes a sense of gentle romance, peace, and serenity.

When these two incredibly stunning flowers join, it expresses the symbol of complete respect and genuine love. 

 This flower bouquet conveys the message that no matter what occurs, you are both meant for each other and will respect and love one another.

Rose Quartz Gerbera Bouquet

Rose Quartz Flower Bouquet

This pink-themed flower bouquet of Pink Gerberas and Roses with a dusting of purple wax flowers is all about nurturing and pleasant playfulness. Pink gerberas express gratitude and respect to the receiver and they also demonstrate your appreciation for their efforts. This would be a perfect flower bouquet for someone who is always there for you!

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