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Discover minimalist floral designs wrapped in eco-friendly honeycomb, celebrating simplicity and natural beauty.

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Simple Gestures, Thoughtful Connections

Simple Flower Bouquet

For decades, a fresh bouquet of flowers has been one of the most popular gifts to send. We know that choosing the perfect bouquet of flowers can be difficult at times since all flowers are so lovely that you become indecisive. Worry not, we have the special flower bouquet from Chic Series specifically made for you to give to your loved ones or even yourself!

This series is simple and chic, focusing on the elegance of star flowers coupled with eucalyptus and wrapped in our new eco-friendly honeycomb paper. The beauty of this bouquet is in its simplicity!

Here’s a few little things you should know about the flowers in the series:

Chamomile Bouquet


Chamomile means "energy through difficulty." This cheery and sturdy flower has numerous healing properties and it has also been believed that growing Chamomile adjacent to another plant that is struggling to thrive can help the weak plant. Same goes for humans, there are times where we are weak so chamomile can definitely boost someone’s spirit to glow!

Sunflower Bouquet


The connotations of sunflowers include optimism, happiness, honesty, longevity, serenity, admiration, and devotion. The sunflower may outperform all others in terms of its universal ability to convey pleasure to humans. It also represents unwavering faith and everlasting love which makes it even more perfect.

Red Rose Bouquet

Red Rose

It should not be a surprise that the meaning of red roses is love and passion. Red roses represent romantic love and passionate sentiments for someone and it simply symbolizes loyalty, faithfulness and dedication. 


The symbolism of a carnation varies based on the colour of the flower. Yet, at its core, basic carnation flower meaning encompasses the concepts of intrigue, distinction, and love. Carnation meaning in love encompasses everything from a mother's loyal devotion to a suitor's passion for his spouse.


Lilies most typically represent devotion or purity, though the connotation varies depending on the type of lily, culture, and colour. When we talk about lilies, they are often associated with rebirth and motherhood because of the Greek tale of Hera and Zeus. Also, Lilies are used in weddings in China because they are associated with 100 years of love and good luck.

Why Flowers Are A Great Gift

Flowers are lovely, thoughtful, heartfelt, and, most importantly, perfect at any occasion. Flowers have the capacity to touch the lives of everyone who gets them and, whatever the circumstance, they will put a smile on their face, from happiness and even sorrow. Although it may seem like a simple flower bouquet, flowers play with emotions so you never know how deep it can touch someone’s heart.

Chic Series Flower Collection