A Rose Flower Bouquet For Every Occasion

A fresh and sweet bunch of Roses can mark a special day or show someone how much you care. Today, they are one of the most popular blooms to use in any arrangement as a symbol of love, friendship or appreciation.

While all Roses are greatly appreciated and adored, the different colors and shades can mean something quite different. PS. Did you know different colored blooms can also bring a mental impact on you or your recipient? Read more about flower colour therapy here. Meanwhile, we’ve rounded up all of the common hues that you can find, and what each of them means!

Colors of Roses in a Bouquet and Their Significance

Roses are prickly perennials that originated in China and are now cultivated all over the globe. It is distinguished by a broad variety of hues and sizes. Some types of roses are distinguished by prickles along the plant's stems, which are used to discourage predators. Although many species are now farmed, there are still wild variations.

Roses are multi-petaled blooms that come in a variety of colors and roses are widely used to symbolize something when gifting to others.

Red Roses Bouquet

Speaking of roses you cannot leave red roses behind! With no surprise, red roses are widely associated with affection and passion. A romantic red rose bouquet has long been associated with love and romance in various societies. It will be a romantic rose bouquet for your significant others during special events such as Valentine’s Day or birthdays!

Pink Roses Bouquet

Pink flowers symbolize gratitude and respect. A Pink rose bouquet is ideal for your closest friends and loved ones. Pink roses also symbolise femininity and grace. This rose bouquet will be an ideal gift for events such as engagement parties, proms, and baby showers!

Yellow Roses Bouquet

Just like the sunshine, yellow roses represent warmth and contentment which matches their vibrant, sunny colour. Because of the pleasure they bring, they're widely known as friendship flowers, and a yellow rose bouquet is considered to symbolize the joy that a friend brings. Gift a friend now to show them your appreciation and gratitude!

Purple Roses Bouquet

Historically, purple roses are common gifts to Kings and Queens as a symbol of authority. Purple roses are often linked with nobility or dignified individuals and occasions. But in today’s time, a rose flower bouquet in purple can be given just to spread some happiness or positivity to the receiver due to the serene colour tone of purple roses. 

Blue Roses Bouquet

Technically, a blue rose cannot occur in nature because the blue pigment is not naturally found in roses. Finding blue roses, on the other hand, has become something of a sacred grail for rose lovers!

The significance of a blue rose is as fictitious as the blue rose itself. Blue rose has always been depicted in art and writing as an aspect of imagination. A blue rose bouquet will be perfect to express your first love or send it as a ‘good luck’ present.

Black Roses Bouquet

Giving off a mysterious and dark vibe to it, black roses also managed to find quite a number of fan followers! A black rose bouquet can be a lovely gift for a variety of events, such as Halloween or for anyone who loves the gothic style in their lives.

Cappucino Roses Bouquet

Cappuccino flowers are a stunning dusty golden brown with a pink raspberry border. Cappuccino rose has been a luxury pick rose for special events such as weddings, arrangements for birthdays and anniversaries due to its beautiful colour tone. A Cappuccino rose bouquet can be sent to your loved ones to convey the message that you have discovered your real affection or simply to express gratitude.

White Roses Bouquet

White roses are considered to be emblems of purity, innocence, and devotion. As a result, they are frequently used on occasions such as marriages, baptisms, and birthdays. A White rose bouquet can usually be seen at weddings. 

Rose Flowers Facts
Roses were widely cultivated in the Middle East during the Roman era. They were used as flowers at parties, as medicine, and as a source of scent. Following the collapse of the Roman Empire, the appeal of roses seemed to fluctuate according to the gardening patterns of the time.
President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the rose as the USA’s National Flower in 1986, during a special event held at the White House Rose Garden.
Roses are edible. Their blooms are palatable, and rose water is frequently used to flavour Indian and Chinese foods.
Roses are famous for being the core ingredient in making perfume. For ages, rose oil has been a key ingredient in the perfume business. The extraction of rose oil from blossoms necessitates a large number of roses.

Without a question, roses are one of God's most beautiful creations! Generations have gone, but the rose's enthralling beauty endures. Are you looking to own or maybe pass the love by gifting a gorgeous rose flower bouquet? Happy Bunch can help you with that by providing the newest rose flower collection!