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10 Best Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Dads are hard to shop for, and that’s a fact! They never seem to want anything (when they do, they’ve already bought it for themselves!), and they probably don’t curate elaborate wish lists the way moms do. But the best gift ideas for Father’s Day do exist, and we’re here to help you find the perfect present to show your appreciation for everything dad has done. Dads are a man of few words but a man of much love. They may be quiet, but we always know they’ll be there for us and love us more than we can ever understand. Thanks a bunch, dad!

With this special day comes the opportunity to Be Dad’s Sunshine and show just how much you appreciate him. Whether you still live at home with dad, or live far away and unable to travel due to the lockdown restrictions – you can still make his day extra special this year with a surprise delivery of gifts straight to his doorstep.

We found thoughtful gift ideas for Father’s Day to impress every kind of dad and for all kinds of budget! PS. Did we mention our Father’s Day Collection is available with gifts and plants from only RM69?

Gift Ideas For Father’s Day


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Analogue Apotik Solid Cologne
Add to his scent collection with this beautiful Crackle Case Solid Cologne. One of our must-have scents from their collection? Phenomen! Featuring warm and smoky notes of sandalwood, leather and english oak with red berries. It’s sleek and compact case makes it so convenient for dad to carry it everywhere he goes – the perfect gift ideas for Father’s Day, you’re welcome!


gift ideas for father's day

Happy Bunch Pops Box
Treat the man you love most in your life to our Pops Box filled with different snacks and drinks to impress food loving men. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Spice up dad’s day with this flavoursome box that has some of our favourite selection of local edible and drinkable treats. Best part? Everything comes out to less than RM90 for the entire box!


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Batik Boutique Eye Mask
Now, before you judge this gift ideas for Father’s Day… think about it. What could be better than the gift of uninterrupted sleep? Our friends at Batik Boutique handmade this premium eye mask that is even lined with a silk backing for comfort and thick enough to block out any annoying light source – from open curtains to the TV that mom forgot to turn off.


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Sleeping Aid Tools
Dad still can’t sleep even with an eye mask? Or simply just want to improve his sleep quality? Our friends at CalmerScapes were founded solely on the mission to help everyone get a good’s night sleep with natural and organic products. They carry a wide range of calming goodness, including aromatherapy diffusers that are perfect for daily use (especially before bedtime), sleepy tea with soothing properties and sleep aid chewable gummies! Help dad take the leap of comfort for the best quality of sleep, all thanks to you. Isn’t this just the absolute best gift ideas for Father’s Day?



Nivea Men Skincare
Face wash? Check. Moisturizer? Check. Deodarant? Check.  Why limit your Father’s Day gift to one grooming category, when you can gift him everything he needs to start his day right! Nivea Men provides an incredible and super affordable range of men products. A super budget-friendly option, and uses dermatologically approved ingredients to create the perfect on-the-go skincare bundle every dad needs.


Perk DripBags2

Perk Coffee Subscription
There’s truly no better feeling than waking up to a great cup of coffee, and most dads can be the spokesperson for this! A subscription service with Perk will ensure dad never runs out of freshly roasted coffee, and have the absolute joy of trying out different coffee types from all over the world. Coffee is definitely a good gift ideas for Father’s Day, and also a sweet way to remind him of your love every morning without physically being there.


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Custom Coffee Mug
What could top off gifting him a coffee subscription? A personalised coffee mug to pair! Letteredgraceco is one of our favourite local brand that customs the most beautiful and premium mugs! This will keep reminding him that he’s simply just the best with his everyday morning coffee. With this amazing gift ideas for Father’s Day, the favourite child award goes to….


garmin fenix 5 plus series 6 .my

Garmin Smartwatch
Garmin is the G.O.A.T of fitness trackers – it’s perfect for dad training for a marathon, or the dad who just wants to track his steps. Especially when you don’t really know what your dad’s looking for in a smartwatch, these Garmin Smartwatches are a great all-around choice. Their watches are beautifully designed, and the watch itself displays useful stats like heart rates and stress levels in real time. Dad can also track more high-level data with their app too!


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Happy Bunch Plants
Give dad a gift that grows, and a gift that he can enjoy long after Father’s Day. Whether he’s new to the plant life or a certified #plantdad, we hand picked our favourite (and hardiest) indoor plants to send directly to your dad’s doorstep. These green beauties are sure to bring joy and warmth to your dad’s space, and we heard these plants can bring an abundance of luck, wealth and prosperity too! Truly the perfect gift ideas for Father’s Day.


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OxWhite Business Backpack
The best backpack should have all of dad’s everyday essentials that aren’t just functional and practical, but look sleek and stylish too. Which is why we’re recommending this super stylish, highly durable and fully water-resistant OxWhite backpack as a gift ideas for Father’s Day. With lightweight qualities and a great organisation of pockets, it’s perfect for dads who are always on the move, from one meeting to the next.


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The Ultimate Charcuterie Board
Celebrate dad with a platter full of dad’s favourite selection of meat, cheese and extras! is making it easier than ever this Father’s Day by curating an assortment of scrumptious delectables just for dad, and delivering it straight to his doorstep. Just look how beautiful their platters are??? Guaranteed to impress dad (and just about everyone else too).


Father’s Day falls on 20th June, which is real soon so start your planning and ordering these gift ideas for Father’s Day right away. Remember, even if they don’t express their feelings much, dads need to feel pampered and appreciated on their special day too! This is the perfect opportunity to to show dad how much you love and appreciate all his efforts and sacrifices – which often goes unsaid.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Dads around the world, thanks a bunch for all your love, guidance and patience.

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