January 26, 2022 2 min read

As the lovely Month of Love approaches, the anticipation of celebrating the perfect Valentine’s Day with your beloved has finally started giving you all the dreamy feels.

The only problem is, you still haven’t figured out what to surprise her with on the special occasion. Don’t get your head (or your heart) in a tangle about it though, because we’ve got you covered! 

Just relax and allow us to work some magic for you.

We’ve got a sweet selection of Valentine’s Day Gifts that are not only unique but thoughtfully curated for the queen of your heart too, and these goodies are all just a click away.

Not only that, but our Valentine’s Day Gift Collection also comes with a complimentary vial of Eau de Parfum Naturelle by Chloewhen you pre-order a gift today!


Valentine’s Day Bunch

230122 VDAY FlowerGive

Nothing sparks love and romance like red roses do, and it is hands down a true classic when it comes to declaring your love and longing for another. It’s the simplest yet most universal gesture of telling someone “I Love You” without actually saying a thing. Plus, who doesn’t love being surprised with beautiful red roses on Valentine’s Day? 

So, celebrate and express your love to your beloved with our delicately curated Cinta Bunch, which comes in 6, 12 or 18 beautiful red roses:

6 red roses to tell them, “I want to be yours”, 12 red roses to say, “Be mine”, and 18 red roses to declare, “I love you. You’re mine always”.  

As we know it, “Love is Love” and Love is Wonderful, and it comes in many forms, even in a beautifully wrapped gift box that’s filled with awesome treats for your special someone.


Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Here’s a gift box that’s sure to leave her wrapped in your love, and you have the option of choosing between the dark & mysterious black themedFoxy Box or sexy red themedPassion Box

valentine's day

The first item in our Valentine’s Day gift box collection is our very own heavenly scentedHappy Bunch Home Candle. As most of us know, candles aren’t just simply decor, but also a common symbol of romance and mystery, making it a must-have to set the perfect ambiance for a romantic night together. 

valentine's day

Besides that, this gift box also includes wonderful treats like a jar of scrumptiousMavrica Sea Salt Cookies as well as two squares ofJugelik Chocolates, great to indulge in together for dessert. Just a little fun fact: Gifting a loved one with chocolates has been a tradition for centuries, dating back to the reign of European royalty. Chocolates have also been known to be an aphrodisiac since ancient Aztec times. Hence, why even now, it’s such a popular gift to give on Valentine’s Day.

To top it off, we’ve also thrown in a card with a heartfelt quote for an added romantic touch.  Don’t forget to send a heartfelt greeting too. Check out our Valentine’s day greetings here for some inspiration!

So, we hope that our lovely curated gift ideas have been helpful, and that they will ignite #ThoughtfulConnections between you and your beloved this Valentine’s Day.

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