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This Chinese New Year:

8 Prosperous Plants and Flowers to Bring Prosperity to Your Home

This Chinese New Year, the year 2022 of the Water Tiger is almost here. Many people have already chosen the plants and flowers that will bring good luck to their homes during this auspicious Chinese New Year. They believe that these lucky plants and flowers are signs of wealth, health, long life, good luck and career progression.

Discover the plants and flowers you need to usher in some good fortune as we welcome the roarsome Tiger.


Fu Bunch CNY 2022 6Chrysanthemum flowers, with their multi-layered petals and brilliant colors, appear especially abundant. The ones with bright yellow flowers symbolize longevity, and the ones with darker gold blossoms represent wealth and prosperity, respectively. Check our our beautiful Fú (Prosperity) Bunch. It’s the perfect gift to welcome more Óng’!

The orchid is another popular and auspicious lucky plant choice during the Chinese New Year. These flowers signify fertility, abundance, refinement, luxury, and purity – excellent for your home or to give someone special.

Pussy Willow

Catkins, as they’re called in the West, the Pussy Willows are fuzzy blossoms that herald the arrival of Spring. When planted in a container, the branches need to be watered twice a week, and if they are in a vase, they need to be watered every day.

In Chinese folklore, peonies are frequently connected with abundance and tranquilly because of the way they grow in clusters. The red variants of these blossoms are considered to be highly auspicious, as opposed to the pink versions. The flower is also good for wooing, too. Since Chinese New Year falls in advance of Valentine’s Day, there’s no harm in decorating the house full of peonies to set the mood.

This plant, which the Chinese refer to as ‘wan zi wian hong’, which literally translates as ‘thousands and millions of crimson and purple blossoms,’ is relatively easy to grow and is believed to bring wealth and success. We have our very own Cái (Wealth) Plant

Jade Plant
The Jade Plant (also known as crassula) is a favorite option for Chinese New Year because of the shape of its emerald green leaves, which mimics that of jade stones. A symbol of good fortune, this plant requires minimal care and is easy to keep up with. Water sparingly on alternate days, and place in a semi-shaded location to maximize its effectiveness. Check out our own Chūn (Spring) Plant.

Money Plant
This versatile and resistant plant, also known as Devil’s Ivy, has the ability to remove formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene from the air, making it an excellent choice for air purification. Furthermore, the money plant, with its coin-like leaves, represents riches and good fortune.

Lucky Bamboo
Symbolizing power and life, the lucky bamboo can be twisted into many shapes, such as the number eight or the Chinese character for luck. A pot’s stalk count can also have an impact on its meaning. The number two, for example, is often associated with romantic love, but the number seven is associated with good health. Use red ribbons or gold trinkets to adorn the long stems.

Have you seen our Chinese New Year Collection? It is the perfect gift for your home, family or friends to wish them a wonderful new year.

We hope that these gifting ideas were helpful to you. You can always head over to our website for more hassle-free gift ideas fit for any occasion!

Wishing you a prosperous Chinese New Year and a roarsome one in the Year of the Tiger!

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