Valentine's Day Flowers & Gifts

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Valentine’s Day 2024 Malaysia

Love is in the air!Introducing our brand new Valentine’s Day 2024 Malaysia Collection with gifts starting from RM69!

Valentine’s Day Flowers & Gift Delivery

February 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day, is a special day for romantic partners to express their love and adoration for one another with Valentine’s Day gifts! Sometimes actions speak louder than words. For times when you can’t express your love through words, sending them a gift this Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to do so! On a hunt for Valentine’s day gifts? We’ve got something for everyone! 

Romantic Valentine's Flowers For Those You Love

Picture this: candlelit dinner, soft music playing, eyes locked across the table, and shimmering in the warm glow... a bouquet of Valentine's Day flowers, more radiant than anything your heart could wish for. These aren't just blooms, they're brushstrokes painting the perfect moment, each petal whispering secrets of love.

Forget fancy poems, let these blooms speak for you. A splash of red roses, bold and bright, like a heart brimming full. Weaved in, a whisper of pink, like a secret blush at a whispered word. Eucalyptus, cool and calming, grounds the passion, reminds you of steady love. Parvifolia, delicate and green, whispers of growth and new beginnings. This isn't a grand gesture, shouting your love from rooftops. It's a quiet "I care," a secret shared in petals. A simple bunch, but a thoughtful one, like saying "I see you, I cherish you," in a language only love understands.

These aren't just Valentine's flowers, they're the final verse of your love story, waiting to be written upon their hearts.So step into your happily ever after. Let Happy Bunch weave a floral fairy tale, where every bloom speaks your love louder than words ever could. This Valentine's Day, paint the picture of forever, one petal at a time.

Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Lover

This Valentine's Day, whisper "I love you" in a language that transcends words. Let the vibrant palette of emotions bloom with Happy Bunch's curated collection of Valentine's gifts, designed to ignite sparks and make hearts skip a beat.

For the hopeless romantic, paint a masterpiece with a bouquet of roses, their ruby red whispers promising forever. Let every petal, every trinket, every thoughtful touch be a love letter, whispering tales of your adoration.

Beyond the blooms, Happy Bunch has partnered with LipsCarpenter to add a touch of sweetness to your Valentine's Day surprise. Explore add-ons to pair with our exquisite flower bouquets – including the exclusive Rose lipbalm – a delightful treat for our Happy Bunch customers.

But remember, the most unforgettable Valentine's gift is the one that speaks to your lover's soul. So dive into Happy Bunch's treasure trove of emotions, and find the perfect expression of your love, in all its radiant, messy, beautiful glory.

Adore You

Tell 'em you adore 'em, simple as that. No grand pronouncements, just a little burst of red blooming on their desk, coffee table, anywhere. Embrace love with our medium “Adore You” arrangement – ten red roses, japonica fresh, nestled in a kraft bowl with eucalyptus whispers. A small gesture, big heart.

Gift Bundles

This Valentine's Day, whisper love with a little lip service. Happy Bunch teams up with Lips Carpenter to craft the perfect "pucker up" add-on to your flower bouquet. Treat your sweetie (or yourself) to a duo or trio of lip-loving essentials: a specially crafted Rose Scented Lip Balm you’ll only find here, a Passion Red Tinted Lip Balm, and a velvety overnight mask. 

Baby I'm Yours

Say it loud, say it proud: you're head over heels. This Valentine's, skip the grand declaration and let 12 crimson roses whisper "Baby I'm Yours" in a medium hand bouquet. Japonica and eucalyptus add a touch of cool, wax flowers – a hint of forever. No big fireworks, just a knowing look across the table.

Celebrate Love With Valentine's Day Flowers

Ready for the romantic vibes of Valentine's Day 2024? At Happy Bunch, we turn moments into memories, especially on the day of love. Our Valentine's Day flowers steal the show, sprinkling extra love in the air. Surprise your sweetheart, express admiration, or celebrate a forever commitment with our handcrafted arrangements, expressing sentiments with elegance and charm. Take romantic gestures to the next level with blooms that speak volumes. We've got stunning Valentine's flowers, each telling a unique love story.

We don't need magic spells or gardens – just fresh, vibrant flowers bursting with colour and meaning. Crimson whispers of fiery passion, blush pink giggles of friendship. Let your heart guide the way, choose a bunch that speaks your truth. Watch as simple stems blossom into shared memories, into "I'm thinking of you" moments that linger long after the last petal falls.

At Happy Bunch, we make your Valentine's Day unforgettable, one bouquet at a time. Dive into our curated selection; let flowers express your emotions. Because at Happy Bunch, every petal tells a story. Celebrate love with style at Happy Bunch – where every blossom is a piece of a love story.

Spread Love This Valentine's Day with Happy Bunch gifts in Malaysia!

Get ready to make Valentine's Day special with Happy Bunch, where feelings turn into perfect gifts. Our handpicked Valentine's gifts are meant to capture hearts, sharing true love for her or him. Whether it's the pretty flowers or charming add-ons, every item speaks the language of love. Skip the boring chocolates this Valentine's Day! Happy Bunch, where feelings blossom into perfect gifts, has teamed up with local lip care hero LipsCarpenter to create blooming love bundles.

Picture your sweetie's favourite flowers, paired with the Rose lip balm, specially designed for Happy Bunch customers like you, for velvety-soft kisses. Add a flirty splash of colour from LipsCarpenter's tinted balm, and you've got a gift that says "I care" in every petal and balm. Want to shower your honey with extra love? The second bundle is like a lip spa day! It adds a luxurious lip mask, a cozy hug for chapped lips, to the rosy balm and flirty tint.

So, forget generic gifts! Choose Happy Bunch and LipsCarpenter's Valentine's magic. Make their heart bloom and their lips smile, from the first petal to the last smooch.

Order Valentine’s Day Flowers and Gifts For Your Loved Ones Today

Trust that Happy Bunch has got your back with our beautiful Valentine's Day flower delivery in Klang Valley! Boost the romance with our amazing Valentine's roses delivery, carefully picked to express all those deep feelings. Our handmade arrangements speak volumes, making each petal a messenger of affection.

This Valentine's Day, go beyond the usual surprises with Happy Bunch. Wow your special someone not just with flowers but an unforgettable Valentine's Day present. Our curated gifts add an extra touch of love to your heartfelt gesture. Ordering is a breeze, so you can easily pick and send the perfect Valentine's Day surprise.

Trust Happy Bunch to bring not just flowers but joy and delight to your celebration of love. Make your relationship shine with a unique touch. Order Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts today, and let Happy Bunch be your messenger of love!

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