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How to Keep your Peonies Fresh

How to Keep your Peonies Fresh

A bunch of these beautiful blush pink peonies is all you need to brighten up any room. We could spend hours just admiring their sweet pastel ruffly textures up close! Peony season is short and sweet, which gives us all the more reason to appreciate their grace and beauty. Peonies are known to be a traditional floral symbol of China (their names in Mandarin even mean ‘most beautiful’), and universally associated with elegant beauty, flourishing wealth and ultimate honour.

There’s just something so magical about Peonies. Did you know that a Peony bud can bloom up to 3 times it’s size? Peonies are incredibly lush flowers that have densely packed petals that open up gradually over time layer by layer. It may start small but it unfurls into a fluffy and fragrant flower that is loved by all. Truly! We can’t name a more loved flower than Peonies… Every day we get queries on when we will be bringing back these beauties and that day is finally here!

peony Peony Flower Bouquet

Some of our favourite Peony colours? Peonies in pink shades to symbolize good luck, prosperity and love – no matter what stage of relationship you’re at, we’re sure they’d love a big bunch of pink or red Peonies. And using white Peonies to convey the sincerest of apologies. Trust us when we say no one will hold a grudge against you once a beautiful bunch of white Peonies show up at their door!

Once you get your hands on them, we’re certain you’d want to keep them fresh for as long as possible – so here are some tips and tricks to help.


Peony Care 101

210519 may peony sneak peek

Cut Stems at an Angle

For maximum water absorption, cut your Peony stems at an angle. This trick increases the surface area of the cut, helping the blooms absorb more water and nutrients keeping them happy and healthy. Do this daily to help remove any clogs at the base of the stems. Don’t forget, any leaves below the water should be removed to prevent bacterial growth! It should also go without saying that you’ll need to change the water daily to keep your Peonies at their best, beautiful selves!

Keep Away from Direct Sunlight

Keeping your Peonies under direct sunlight can cause them to drastically lose their color and petals. Peonies are extremely sensitive to temperature, so do keep your blooms in a cool place to help them live their best (and longest) life. You can even add ice cubes to the water to keep them cool!

DIY Flower Food

Don’t have any store-bought flower food? Don’t fret! Make your own by adding a spoonful of sugar to the water to make your flowers last longer. This will give flowers a sugar rush to help keep them fresh. Be sure to replace the water daily as mixing in sugar and water can encourage bacteria to grow.

pink peonies peonies

Received a Peony Bud that is yet to bloom? That’s a blessing in disguise! Peonies last longest when they’re still in bud form, and the best part is you get to watch them fully bloom and marvel in their beauty. Alternatively, to speed up the process and help them bloom faster, trim the stems and put them directly into warm water. Place them in a sunny spot until they begin to open, then move them back to an area with indirect sunlight and watch them bloom. These show-stopping Peonies aren’t around for long, so there’s no time like the present to make the most of everyone’s favourite flower.


Shop these fluffy fragrant blooms and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. Make it the perfect mid-week treat for yourself or to send as the sweetest uplifting surprise to a loved one.

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