May 20, 2021 3 min read

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For trusting us with your Mother’s Day surprise. Twice a year, we pull the longest hours to prepare and fulfill your orders, and it’s all worth it as we deliver all your love nationwide.

These past couple of weeks were hectic. The looming news of MCO 3.0 kicked us into high gear to ensure that all safety SOPs are followed carefully at all times. We’ve split our teams into 3 separate physical units to ensure there is safe-distancing, strictly enforce everyone to wear their masks and carry out regular sanitizations throughout the day. Our delivery teams are also briefed to do the same to ensure the safety of our customers. As always, it is our utmost priority to ensure the health and safety of our customers, delivery partners and the entire Happy Bunch team.

Each time we have a big occasion like this, we push our boundaries even further to serve you better – one of our core company values. We learned a lot from our Valentine’s experience earlier this year and made improvements with you in mind, to ensure we deliver on our promise of simple, thoughtful and affordable gifts. Even though new challenges emerged as MCO 3.0 was announced at the very last minute, our team went the extra mile, worked tirelessly before sunrise and into the night, to fulfill all of your orders. We hustled like never before, as we struggled with a shortage of manpower and delivery riders, and even had some of our flower supply disrupted when India shipments were cancelled. The hurdles kept coming at us and I am grateful that each team member rose to the occasion to make this Mother’s Day a truly memorable one.

The good news – we pulled through and all our orders were safely delivered. Our aim is to always achieve 100% customer satisfaction, but it came to our attention that we fell short on some of your orders. Whilst most of our gifts made it safe and sound, some of them didn’t quite meet the standard of quality it should have. The not-so-good news – that meant some of you were disappointed and we truly apologise for letting you down. If you had reached out to us, we hope we managed to make it up to you.

I believe there’s always a bright side in these situations, because there are always new learnings. Lessons that will lead to improvements, better outcomes and experiences. So I would love to hear from you. If you had a good experience, I hope you’d take a minute or two to drop us a review on Google or Facebook. Alternatively, you could directly give me your feedback here!

Thank you for taking some time out to share your experience with us. If it’s a good one, it brightens our day and encourages us to keep delivering happiness to all. If it’s feedback on how we can do better, it shows us where we need to improve and how we can ensure a better experience for you the next time.

Once again, thank you for trusting and believing in us. Where we fell short, we hope you’d give us another chance. Where we’ve made you and your recipient happy, we hope to hear all about it. We are always happy to be your messenger, whether it is for everyday celebrations or bigger occasions.

Here’s a toast to all mothers, and Selamat Hari Raya to all our Muslim friends. Hope everyone is staying safe and taking care!

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