February 13, 2020 1 min read

Valentine2020 greeting stories
A day dedicated to celebrating love? We’re ALL in. But we believe the true significance of it should stretch beyond a day.

We think love should above all be about the little things in our everyday lives. It should be the anchor of the partnership we share with the people we care about. How we complete each other. How we back each other up even when things aren’t pretty. We can make each other feel like we’re on top of the world with the most beautiful flowers, precious gifts or sweetest gestures. Most essentially we must make each other feel appreciated, empowered and loved.

Let’s focus on those who have made our lives better just as they are this Valentine’s Day and every other day in between. The people who made our lives worth living. Make them a priority. Make a choice to love them with love. Oh and one more thing. While you’re doing all that, don’t forget to love yourself—that’s pretty important too.

Here’s to the happiest Valentine’s Day! ❤

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