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Have a wonderful Ramadan 🌙

Few more days before Ramadan come and let us all prep ourselves so we don't flop in the middle of the day. Send the perfect energy-boosting gift this Hari Raya with a well-curated flower box! In partnership with La Juiceria, the pastel shades as well as the dark hues of cream, gold and green complements the immunity booster shots (turmeric, chlorophyll and ginger) perfectly!

These 3 mini shots will give full impact in boosting our energy, defenses, fight flu/ colds/ sore throat/ boost energy & most importantly improve our stamina to give more during this holy month.

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What’s in the Box?
1x Green Booster: Papaya leaves, green apple, lemon, honey, ginger and chlorophyll (30ml)
1x The Defender: turmeric, lemon, wild flower honey, cayenne pepper, ginger (30ml)
1x Vital Shot: Ginger, lemon, wild flower honey (30ml)