Elegant ROM Flowers and Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquets 
Elegant bridal bouquets are a lovely way to commemorate the occasion of your marriage registration. Your special day can be made more memorable with the assistance of the ideal wedding hand bouquet, which features flowers that have been hand-cut and arranged in elegant and modern styles. 
Bridal Bouquets
Just as the wedding itself can be a reflection of the bride's unique sense of style, so too can her bouquet. ROM and bridal bouquets can be anything from round and perfectly symmetrical to irregularly shaped and full of colour. When done correctly, however, they all serve to complement the bride's dress and hint at the reception's additional embellishments.

A bouquet brings life to the entire ensemble. It also creates an atmosphere and reveals what the audience can anticipate for the blissful celebration.

Happy Bunch would be honored to be part of your special celebration, your bouquet the Happy Bunch way! Elegant, Beautiful, yet fuss-free.
Are you the edgy, unconventional bride? 
We got you girl!
"A wedding bouquet is not just a beautiful accessory, it can be as unique as you are."
Your special day can be enhanced with the addition of the ideal wedding hand bouquet, which includes flowers that have been hand-cut and arranged in elegant and modern styles.

Sandy represents the type of bride who tackles challenges head on and holds a strong demeanor. She dares to be different and stays true to her own values and beliefs.
Step 1:  Choose your 
 flower bouquet

Make your selection for the ROM or wedding bouquet. Choose a date for self-collection or delivery and will take care of the rest!
Step 2:  Store your 
Bridal Bouquet

Keep your wedding bouquet in a cool, air-conditioned place and give it a light misting of water every few hours to maintain the flower freshness.

Step 3: Happy Wedded Bliss

Enjoy Your Wedding. Carefully transport your bridal bouquet to the location of your wedding. Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs on a new milestone in your life!

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