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The ideal match for a fairy tale dream wedding!

 "A wedding bouquet is not just a beautiful accessory, it can be as unique as you are."

Your special day can be enhanced with the addition of the ideal wedding hand bouquet, which includes flowers that have been hand-cut and arranged in elegant and modern styles.

Elizabeth describes the bride who has a witty and charming personality with a touch of intelligence. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and values a person’s character and personal virtues. 

Bring a classy vibe to your wedding with our Elizabeth bridal bouquet adorned with a luscious and classic mix of all white Roses, Eustomas, and Baby's Breath. This bridal bouquet matches almost any wedding dress style, you won’t have trouble choosing one that goes well with it!

PRE-ORDER IS REQUIRED. Order at least 2 days ahead and select your preferred time slot for the pick up.

*Flower arrangement, shades, bloom sizes and wrapping style may vary from the picture shown.