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It’s the mostWonderful Time of the Year again, and you know what that means? Gift shopping! And here are some wonderfully curated Christmas gift ideas for you!

Here at Happy Bunch, we understand the struggle of shopping for presents during the festive season all too well. Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for loved ones can be both an exciting and frustrating mission.

We believe that Thoughtful Connections can be made with even the simplest gestures. So here are some Christmas gift ideas for the wonderful women in your life that you might want to consider this year.

Whether she’s your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, best friend or favorite co-worker, these thoughtful gift ideas will guarantee to make her Christmas merry and bright.

Let’s get started with our Christmas gift ideas:


For the Homegirl

Christmas gift ideas

We all have that friend or family member who relishes in the comforts of their home. A night out celebrating with crowds of people? No, thank you! These homebodies would much prefer to stay in with a good book, cook a nice meal to enjoy at home or just Netflix and chill the night away.

So, we think that ourJoy Box is both a thoughtful and perfect gift for your favourite homegirl. It includes Artisan Hot Chocolate Dip Sticks (2 sticks) by CocoRaw, Rustic Wooden Coasters (2 units) by HB Home, Hope and Joy Mugs by HB Home and a curated Christmas Movie Checklist for movie night ideas. 

All of these will be beautifully placed in a dazzling Christmas Box with fairy lights and Christmas decor that’s sure to ignite the festive mood. Your homegirl is going to love her quiet night in with ourJoy Box, for sure!


For the Perfect Host

Christmas gift ideas

So, you’re invited to a Christmas party? Sounds like fun! But don’t attend the occasion empty handed. Here is a Christmas gift idea to make a great impression by gifting your host something that she’s going to appreciate. A simple yet lovely gesture just to say “Thank you for hosting a beautiful party” will surely make their Christmas a special one.

Thoughtfully curated, the Happy BunchWonder Box is perfect for the holiday season and is more special when shared with friends and family. It’s definitely ideal as a gift for your lovely host.

Wonder Box contains a Christmas Edition Chocolate Dome by Jugelik, a Butter Loaf, Gingerbread Man Cookies (2 pieces) and a Christmas Stove Potpourri that’s going to make any home smell divine!

These delightful goodies also come in a Christmas themed box, adorned in festive fairy lights and pretty Christmas decor.

For the Self-Care Goddess 

Christmas gift ideas

If she’s been working too hard and forgets to take care of herself especially during the festive season, it’s time to step in and remind her that she needs a break for some self-care.

The perfect Christmas gift idea -why not choose from our latest self-care gift box collection to do just that?

Introducing ourBlush Box, which includes BUIH’s Unicorn Shower Smoothie (100ml), BUIH’s Amethyst Gem Soap, Glitter Seashell Comb and Purple Satin Scrunchie. A magical collection, isn’t it? It’s simple yet perfect to add into her Sunday self-care routine.

Another self-care kit that she might appreciate instead could be theChill Box which includes goodies such as BUIH’s Mojito Body Scrub (100ml), BUIH’s Olive Gem Soap, Ylang Ylang Body Oil (50ml), Eunyul’s Clean & Fresh Sheet Mask – Brighten & Lighten and a green shower loofah. This will make any bath time after a long day super invigorating.

For the Insomniac 

Christmas gift ideas

We all know how year-end stress can take a toll on some of us and leave us sleep deprived. If you have a loved one who has been having trouble sleeping, treat them to ourLullaby BoxWhat a wonderful Christmas gift idea.

OurLullaby Box consists of Asli Co’s Lavender Eye Pillow in Ocean Teal, BUIH’s Chamomile Foot Soak (100ml), Anty-Oxy Tea (2 sachets), and Eunyul’s Clean & Fresh Sheet Mask – Revitalize & Strengthen + Refine & Clarity. 

She’s sure to have the sweetest dreams this Christmas with these dreamy treats.

For the Mother of Plants

Christmas gift ideasBesides the conventional Christmas gifts and hampers, another kind of gift you can opt for is perhaps aplant, and Happy Bunch has a few to choose from. This is especially ideal for friends or family who love or collect plants as a hobby.  It also has immense benefit for the mind and soul. Read up on the 101 on plant benefits too.

Check out our plant collectionhere.

For the Wonder Co-Worker

Christmas gift ideasNot sure what to get your favorite female Co-Worker for Christmas this year? Happy Bunch also offerscustomised gifts, which you can personally select from our range of available products for a personal and thoughtful touch.

We have an array of delectable sweets and treats, personal and body care items, scented candles, flavored tea and beverages, and many more! 

You can maybe throw in some invigorating bath salts, a few refreshing face masks, a body scrub, a soothing eye pillow and some delicious snacks- Just an idea.

Oh, don’t forget to include a heartfelt message to remind her that she’s awesome at her job and that she deserves a special treat this Christmas!

We truly hope that these Christmas gift ideas have been helpful in picking out the perfect present for the women in your life.  

You can always check out more gift ideas in the Gift Guides section of our website.


Happy Christmas shopping! May you have a Wonderful and Blessed celebration.


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