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Beautiful plants delivered to you for your indoor sanctuary

Shopping for plants has never been easier. Spruce up your home or office desk with our collection of plants curated just for you. Start your green sanctuary by ordering online, and we will deliver straight to your doorsteps.

We couldn’t help but notice that adding a potted plant in your space can really brighten it up and add an aesthetic touch. A bonus point? Whether you’re aiming to boost your mood or decrease stress levels for a loved one, houseplants are scientifically proven to have a positive impact on anyone’s mental health and wellbeing while keeping your space fresh.

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Benefits of adding houseplants to your home

1. Purify Your Air
Merely walking into a room filled with houseplants can feel like an instant breath of fresh air, and we can confirm that this isn’t just a placebo feeling. Houseplants effectively purify indoor air by absorbing harmful toxins, leaving your air crisp and clean. Breathe vibrant new life into your space by adding nature’s purifier in your favourite spots at home. We recommend starting with one of our favourite go-to plants: the Snake Plant. It requires little light and water, perfect to enjoy its benefits while being super easy to care for.

2. Increase Your Focus, Productivity and Creativity
Whether you’re working from home, perfecting a family recipe or gaming away on your favourite consoles, houseplants have got you covered. They sit there looking pretty, and at the same time increase your focus and productivity. How? Plants release oxygen into the environment and studies show that increased oxygen can calm your mind so that you can focus on a task. The same study shows that reminders of nature and hues of green can produce the same soothing effects as taking a breezy stroll through the park.

3. Boost Your Immune System
Feeling stressed or tired? A new houseplant might be just what the doctor (or florist) ordered. Prescribe yourself a beautiful new houseplant and feel your symptoms subside. The purified air released by your house plants will give you a better night’s sleep, which means enabling your immune system sufficient rest and time to fight the nasties.

4. Mental Health Benefits
House plants can have powerful positive effects on your emotional, psychological and social well-being. This study even found that gardening tasks can lower one’s stress response and can help decrease symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. Like a pet, they can give you a renewed sense of purpose and offer a tangible, gratifying reward. Watching your plant babies grow and prosper because of your care can bring you a surprising amount of joy.

Check out our collection of plants curated especially for you.


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The (Fittonia) plant is compact in size with striking patterned foliage. This plant is easy care for and a great plant for first time plant owners. Did we mention it also increases humidity and cleanses the air quality. They can tolerate a range of lighting conditions and like to be kept moist. Jazz up your workspace or living areas with this Wira plant.


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If ever there was a plant made for the hardiest and toughest environments, it’s this warrior. Snake plants handles everything with ease, no matter its conditions. Plus, they’re a great natural air purifier and it’s lean leaves bring a touch of sophistication to your space.


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Bringing a serene green calm to your living space with delicate springy leaves! This evergreen beauty doesn’t only purify your air, but it’s said to even bring good fortune and luck. A great desk companion for those long work days.


plant delivery

Simple, but elegant. This plant is not only an excellent air purifier for any room in your house, but it also aids in the elimination of harmful pollutants in the air. It is also known as a symbol of reconnecting with one another i.e. #ThoughtfulConnections 😉

Now that we’re home more than ever, we promise, it is an appropriate time to try your hand into the plant life. Besides, if not now, then when? Do it all with just a couple clicks online with us, so you can stay home and stay safe, while we deliver these new leafy babies straight to your doorstep.

Send a plant to your family, friends or colleagues as a way to check-in and let them know you’re thinking of them or simply just reap the benefits of these fresh beauties yourself.



we deliver these beautiful plants straight to your doorstep, fuss-free.

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