March 08, 2019 1 min read

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This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating three of our very own marvellous women. Jo, Auntie Mas and Sam share what makes them the woman that they are and what keeps them powered up.

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“Living intelligently, mindfully and positively is how I try to live my life. My heart’s desire is for both my 23 and 25 years old sons to find their own happiness. I trust in Allah to guide us all.” – Mastura Binte Mohd Salleh, Flower Fairy, proud mother.

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“I believe in fulfilling my purpose in this life with courage and living meaningfully during my time on earth. I trust in my God who is incredibly personal, loves me, and has created me to carry out that purpose.” – Joanne Ho, CEO/Founder, friend of God.

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“To me, respecting choices of others and acknowledging different perspectives are important. And I can’t go through my days or finish a marathon without grit and optimism.” – Samantha Chew, Customer Service Wizard, full-marathon runner.

Love yourself, be your own woman – Happy International Women’s Day!

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