February 26, 2019 2 min read

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Our February began with us charging on full speed ahead. In preparation for the biggest season of the year, every one of us had only one thing in mind – Valentine’s Week. Those of you who have been with us may still remember the hiccup of Valentine’s Day 2018. We have learned a lot since then.

We had much to fulfil. Now that it’s over, we are beyond proud of what the team had managed to achieve in 2019. It was a success. From sell-out dates to smooth flowing plans, executions, deliveries and every little vital step in between to make it work. We were all exhausted. But instead of tired tears, we were celebrating each day the team get to wrap up earlier than expected. We wouldn’t say we achieved a perfect ten. We believe that there is always space for improvement. What it was to us was a big win that has proven what a little positivity, dedication and resilience can do.

To wrap up the month, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to these very important groups of people without whom our journey wouldn’t be as meaningful. Our customers for taking another chance and trusting us on this very special occasion. Our flower suppliers who have been so committed to our needs. Our delivery partners who have offered their top-notch service to us and our customers. Our Akka for keeping our space clean during this crazy time. Last but absolutely not least – our team for working extra hours and super hard to pull through with flying colours. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Many only share their success stories. We wish for you to go through the ups and downs with us. See how it really is, and what it takes to be a thriving company. It’s about overcoming challenges, learning, and having the courage to rise above them time and time again.

We have a feeling this year will be a good year.

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