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A rose bouquethas the ability to make hearts leap and bring a big smile to any face. It also creates a livelier and uplifting ambiance to any living space be it at your home or office.

However, the problem is that rose bouquets like all other bouquets are not meant to last for long and they tend to lose their fresh blooming magic after just a few days.

If you’re worried about your rose bouquet wilting before the end of the week, just know that there are ways to actually make their beauty and vibrance last longer.

Just follow these few simple steps to care for your rose bouquet and make them look their best for a longer period of time:  


Unwrap the Wrappings from Your Rose Bouquet

As much as they are making a beautiful statement in the wrapping they arrived in, letting your rose bouquet sit in it for too long only deprives the flowers from the nourishment it needs to look and stay fresh.

Start off by carefully removing the wrappings, protective plastic liners and foam that holds the bouquet together. Once they’re separated, allow the roses to breathe before using a pair of scissors to cut about an inch of the ends of the stems at a 45 degree angle. Cutting the stems this way aids in better water absorption to keep the flowers fresh for a longer period of time. 

Another useful tip is to also gently peel away wilted guard petals (outer petals) of the roses when they are any. Do this by slowly and gently pulling the guard petal downwards towards the stem as not to damage the flower. This will keep their bloom looking beautiful longer.

It’s best to also remove any leaves that might come in contact with water when the flower is placed in a vase. This is because the leaves at the bottom will prevent water from reaching the flowers at the top. 

Another important step is to rinse the ends of the stems to remove any residue from the foam and dirt that might contaminate the water that the flowers will be placed in later. 

Prepare a Clean Vase for Your Roses

As much as they are making a beautiful statement in the wrapping they arrived in, transferring your delicate roses into a clean vase will definitely make them stay fresh and look fabulous longer. 

Be sure to wash the vase with soap and water to get rid of any bacteria, and give it a good rinse so as not to leave any soap residue in the vase. Bacteria and other chemicals are known to speed up the deterioration of plants. 

When replacing the water after a few days, remember to also wash the vase before filling it up with new water.

Use Clean Purified or Distilled Water for Your Roses

Once your vase is nice and clean, fill it up with distilled or filtered water that is room temperature and not tap water, as tap water might contain bacteria and chlorine, which is not good for the flowers. Roses are also known to thrive better in water that is close or has a neutral PH level. 

Next, add a packet of flower food into the water as nourishment for your roses. If you do not have any flower food at hand, you can substitute it with granulated sugar. Just add in two tablespoons per quart of water and you’re set. The sugar water will provide the roses with glucose for their cells to stay strong. Try not to use any other sugar substitute like stevia as they do not break down the same way and your roses will not get the same benefits it does from sugar.

Change the Water Every 3 Days or When Needed

Roses are delicate flowers and need a little extra attention, which is why the water in your vase will need to be changed after 3 days. The stems of the roses will also need to be trimmed to help it absorb the water better.

However, if the water turns yellowish or cloudy before the third day, it’s also an indication that bacteria has accumulated in the water and that it needs to be changed. Not doing so will cause your roses to become sickly and wilt faster.  

Oh, don’t forget to add in a new packet of flower food or sugar to the new water too!

Place Your Roses in a Cool Place Away from Direct Sunlight

Though they will look beautiful when placed on the window sill, try to avoid this as heat and direct sunlight can cause the cute roses to wilt faster and reduce their lifespan. So, a cooler environment is ideally the best to help them to continue thriving for as long as possible.

Instead, place them where there is adequate airflow and not stuffy such as near an open window or a room that has air-conditioning.

Besides that, it is also advisable not to place them near other fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables as the gases released from them can also affect the longevity of the roses.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of caring for your rose bouquet, you can keep them staying fresh and vibrant for longer as a statement centerpiece!


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