June 09, 2022 2 min read

halal gift delivery malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful multi-racial country with a diverse culture, and we love how everyone respects and embraces each other's differences, and most importantly, celebrates them together. That is what makes Malaysia such an amazing country!

Are you planning a gift-giving for our Muslim friends in Malaysia? If that's the case, just a friendly reminder that our Muslim friends would appreciate it if the products were HALAL-certified - especially when it comes to food and snacks. 

Happy Bunch offers thoughtful gift boxes that you can deliver to all your Muslim friends and family whether you are celebrating a birthday, sending corporate gifts to your clients and teammates, or simply sending a gift just because!

Send a personalized gift box using Happy Bunch's Build A Box, and fill it with a variety of gift items. Simply select a base box, select your items, and we'll handle the rest—from packing to delivery.

Simply start off by browsing through our Halal-certified or Muslim-friendly gift ideas below. 


Brands with HALAL-Certified Items


Brands with Muslim-Friendly Items

The following brands' products are not Halal-certified. They may be considered Muslim-friendly, however, because their ingredients are free of pork and lard. Please make your purchase at your own discretion.

  • Kukis Nila
  • MAVRICA Bites
  • Fallen Leaves


Are you ready to curate your own gift box?

To get started, go to Build A Box. Build A Box starts at RM20 and includes free delivery nationwide in Malaysia.

Do you need to send corporate gifts? Please contact us via our website or email at partners@happybunch.com.my.


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