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Oh! The possibilities with burlap are endless.

Our Signature Flower Collection has always been your favourite, and they are also something we are proud of pioneering in Malaysia for the past 8 years and counting in terms of flower packaging; not only do they look great with almost any type of flower, but they are completely reusable and help to reduce any plastic packaging waste.

Before we get into all of the benefits and wins of burlap, here's a quick introduction on burlap and why it's such a sustainable packaging material especially in the flower industry.

burlap flower delivery kl

So, what exactly is burlap and where does it come from? Burlap is a woven material made from the skin of the jute plant (which is primarily grown in India) and contains strong fibres.

The jute plant is useful because it is biodegradable and edible, and it is commonly used for ropes, packaging, and nets.

Burlap is also known as a "breathable" fabric, which is fantastic and explains why it is used in so many different ways in both life and non-life forms. Some examples include:

1. Burlap is used as a protective and packaging material for the transport of products such as rice, potatoes, coffee beans, and so on. Because the fabric is also water resistant, moisture will be kept at bay.

2. Burlap is also an excellent gardening material because it can be used to protect seedlings, control erosion, and even shade plants from direct sunlight and wind.

3. Because of the rustic and raw appearance of burlap, it makes excellent craft items in virtually any form.

So why using the burlap is crucial for us at Happy Bunch?

Unfortunately, the floral industry has always been known for massive material waste due to the widespread use of single-use plastic. With that said, with high material usage, comes with the rise of the product price. 

Our company value and motto has always been to provide customers with simple, affordable gifting options, including flowers. That means simple, sustainable packaging that won't break the bank while also assisting the industry in reducing waste. This is why burlap is ideal as a flower wrap for several reasons:

1. The beauty of burlap is that it looks great with any type of flower arrangement.

2. Burlap helps retain moisture within the bouquet during delivery, preventing flowers from wilting too quickly.

Best of all, these biodegradable packaging gives you many other uses after you unwrap them! What are some easy DIY projects you can do with burlap?

diy burlap coaster

Photo Courtesy of Alyssa & Carla

1. Make a DIY coaster or table runner out of it- Because this amazing fabric does not absorb moisture easily, it is ideal for avoiding any potential accidents on the dining table. Just cut it to the size of your liking and you're done!

burlap photo frame diy

Photo Courtesy of KnockOffDecor

2. Use it as a photo frame background- and pair it with your wonderful moments in black and white to give your home the most classic vibes.

diy burlap vase

Photo Courtesy of mjtrim.com

3. Burlap-wrapped candle holder or vase - Simply glue it to a vase or container of your choice and, voila, you have an instant facelift for a household item in your home.


Are you convinced that burlap can help make a difference and make our world a better place? We feel the same way.

You're already helping to reduce material waste, and you can use burlap to decorate any space you want as soon as you unwrap the lovely bouquet.

happy bunch florist kl and selangor

Check out our Happy Bunch Signature Flower Bouquet Collection for a variety of burlap-wrapped bouquet options starting at RM49 with free* same-day delivery in KL and Selangor.

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