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Amazing Raya Gift Ideas To Impress

What are some ideal gifts for Raya?
Ahh, Hari Raya – when family, friends, and neighbors come together in a celebration of forgiveness and goodwill. Resentments are forgotten, as we make peace and move forward with a kosong-kosong clean slate. Homes are decorated, doors are opened, kenduri are laid out. And what better way to share in these sentiments than with a couple of well-thought gifts for Raya?


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Never go wrong with food
Food is a major part of all major Muslim festivals. During Ramadan, feeding someone Iftar as charity is believed to be very rewarding. Then there’s the practice of Zakat al-Fitr, a donation to the needy, traditionally grains and dried fruit. And during Aidiladha, the sacrificed meat is divided into three – one part kept for family, one part shared with friends, and one part donated to the poor. As you can see, food makes perfect gifts for Raya.


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For those with a sweet tooth
Short of cooking or baking your own food, you can always get some snacks or sweet treats. Whatever you choose, it goes without saying that they should be halal. Always check for dubious animal fat ingredients, and make sure all content is non-alcoholic. If you don’t already know them, we’d like to recommend Benns Ethicoa for some excellent chocolate! Their range of products even covers bon bons, chocolate-coated almonds, and drinking chocolate. They’ve been around since 1973, sourcing high-quality cacao directly from farmers in small estates, across Malaysia, India, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. So your purchase would be supporting an authentically Asian enterprise – a win-win!


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Something a little more personal
In the spirit of Raya, we’re happy to get personal and share our love for fellow Malaysian brands. Another local business we love is BUIH– a husband-and-wife duo making soaps, body scrubs, shower smoothies, lip scrubs, and bath bombs. Their products are creative combinations of mineral-rich ingredients and exotic fragrances, complete with evocative colors and quirky names. All designed to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, leaving you with a refreshing finish. Your recipient is sure to look good and feel great for the festivities!


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Chin up, mask on
Before mingling with everyone though, we’d like to remind everyone of the year’s buzzword: SOPs. Keep your distance, keep your health, and stay safe with a face mask. There are some stylish masks made by Batik Boutique, who design quality goods with an artisanal flair, from apparel to accessories. They’re on a mission to create sustainable jobs with decent pay while championing women’s development. How many gifts for Raya can claim such a higher purpose? Now if you’re home with family, you’re set. Good for you! If not, hang in there…


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A present even if you’re absent
The pandemic has certainly affected the world, but whatever new practices we’ve gotten used to shouldn’t change our customs. Even at a virtual meet, we can still send gifts! For something inclusive of gift delivery for Raya nationwide, why not go with our Ria Box? It’s a classic compendium of cookies, chocolates, and organic fruits. We also have a playful alternative, the Kuih Box – containing a medley of preserved flowers and artisanal soap. (They look good enough to eat, but please don’t!) You can even add on our Raya Bunch, with its festive greens and bronzed wheat stalks. Or choose the Goldie Bunch for a bouquet of warm golds and muted silver, to convey the wealth of your kinships. Remember to order early, so your Raya gift delivery is on time!


Now your Raya gift guide is complete, we’ll leave you with a Muslim saying…

“Tahaabu, tahaadu.”
(Translation: Give gifts to spread love to one another.)

Have a blessed Hari Raya, everyone!