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All About Lily Flowers & Keeping Them Fresh

Lily flowers have been long known to be great gifts and beautiful decorations with their large vibrant blooms and lush fragrance. For centuries, Lilies have held a role as one of the most symbolic and beautiful flowers in the world! And as florist, we can definitely agree. These elegant flowers are great additions to any Lily bouquet, and always a crowd favorite. You simply can’t go wrong with Lilies. Just as grand as they look – Lily flowers are a grand symbol of grace, purity, prosperity, devotion and honor.

NOTE: we want to highlight that Lilies are toxic to our pet friends, so do keep them in a safe place. You can read more about it here, before you decide on getting Lily flowers for your home.

Our favorite Lily Flower types

Robina Lily
These Robina Lilies are undoubtedly one of the most stunning! With petals full of colour, super hardy and easy to grow too. Giving a vibrant pop of colour for any arrangement, and accompanied with an intense fragrance. Best part? These blooms are said to bring a ton of luck, hope and calming energy to one’s home.


Madonna Lily
The majestic Madonna Lilies are pure white, trumpet-shaped with bright yellow anthers. These flowers carry the significance of purity, tranquility and elegance – making it a sweet gift to express your purest thoughts. These Madonna Lilies are known to balance all the energies, which makes them a sweet tabletop décor to have at home or in the workplace too.


Stargazer Lily Flower
If you love naturally large blooms with a sweet fragrance, these beautiful Stargazer Lilies are exactly what you’re looking for! These beauties are also known as Oriental Lilies, famed for their exquisite vibrant colors with beautiful white edges around the petals. These in pink hues can signify the bold and dramatic, while their white variety can express purity and sympathy. 


calla lilies 

Calla Lily
These timeless blooms may not look like an ‘ordinary’ Lily, but they’re definitely the elegant cousin in the family. Calla Lilies are magnificent beauties that can easily turn an ordinary bouquet into a spectacle arrangement! These blooms’ symbolism varies by flower colour and here are some of our favorite ones to use – yellow Calla Lilies to symbolize gratitude and pink Calla Lilies to symbolize appreciation and admiration.


lily bouquet 

Rose Lily
A bloom so unique and perfect for every occasion. The natural beauty of two flowers combined into one, the Rose Lily has double the amount of petals with a sweet fragrance. These blooms exude such a soft and romantic appeal and we’re obsessed!

When looked after properly, Lilies have one of the longest vase lives of most cut fresh flowers. Here’s how to look after yours to maximize its beauty and freshness!


How to keep Lilies Bouquets fresh

𓆸 Remove the pollen 𓆸
The pollen in lilies eat away at petals upon touching it, which reduces the lifespan of the bloom. Carefully pluck out the anthers that contain these pollens and ensure that they do not touch the petals. Be careful as they may stain your fingers, clothing or tabletops!


𓆸 Preparing its stems 𓆸
Upon receiving your sweet Lilies, cut 1-2 inches from the bottom of each stem at a 45-degree angle in a bucket of lukewarm water, before putting the flowers into a vase. This speeds up their hydration process, a step that is necessary for extending their lifespan. Do remove the leaves that will be below the waterline as well to prevent them from rotting and generating bacteria growth which will hinder the lilies’ hydration.

𓆸 Add & change water regularly 𓆸
Lilies depend largely on water to thrive, especially in our hotter climates. Replacing your water daily can significantly prolong the life of your Lilies, as it not only keeps them hydrated but also prevents bacteria or pesticide growth. If you see your Lilies starting to droop or wilt, cut the stems again at an angle and add some sugar in the vase water! This trick should perk them up!

𓆸 Keep them away from sunlight 𓆸
Freshly cut lilies grow better in a cooler environment, so do place them in a shaded area and avoid direct sunlight. Cooler temperatures will help prolong the Lilies’ life and keep the blooms fresh for as long as possible.


With the steps and methods mentioned, we definitely hope your Lily bouquet stays fresh and beautiful. However, as efficient as such tips have proven to be, there will be a time where the wilting is inevitable.

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