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17 Desk Must Have to Supercharge Your Productivity

It’s back to the office and we have made it this far, getting back to our routine of rising early, braving through the crazy traffic and hustling our way through the day. Transitioning from working from home and back to office may not have been so easy and seamless for some of us.

Since we will be spending more time in the office, it is always a good idea to spruce up your desk as it will be our sanctuary for many days to come.

Let’s take a look at some ideas to get into your Zen and allow your productivity to flow throughout the day! Here are some desk must have, just for you.

"An office is a place where dreams come true." —Michael Scott

 1. Because we all know that sitting for more than eight hours a day isn't very comfortable, a gel seat cushion is always a good idea. Desk must have checked! Check out this comfy choice by Getha 

desk must have

2. A stunning and compact calendar that can help you keep tabs on critical dates, as well as, of course, the specific days that you have set aside for upcoming vacations. The countdown has officially begun. Check out these cute and functional calendars

desk must have

3. Succulents are a great way to add some greenery to your work desk without making a major commitment to a plant that requires a lot of care and TLC. This is a great desk must have.

4.In order to alleviate any pre-meeting nerves, you can use a fidget tool like this one. Just remember to breathe.

desk must have

5. A caffeinated cup of coffee to help you get through the afternoon slump that we all have to go through.

6.They say clean hands keep the doctor’s away. Wash your hand, sanitize always. For some refreshing clean scent, this is the sanitizer you need. Keep this on your desk at all times.

desk must have

7. A set of cutlery so you'll never have to resort to MacGyvering a spoon again when the office runs out. Additionally, the use of these reusable utensils is good for the environment.

8. A mirror to ensure you don't have anything in your teeth or unruly hairs before a 1-on-1 performance review and it also doubles up as a great desk decor.

9. A task lamp that will provide much-needed illumination during late-night sessions. Increasing the brightness of your laptop to its maximum setting is not the solution. Don’t go blind doing your work. Eye care is key.

desk must have

10. A vintage-inspired, miniature fan to keep you cool on those scorching hot days when your workplace feels like it's 100 degrees.

11. A desktop vacuum in the shape of a ladybug, so you can eat your lunch at your desk without worrying about leaving crumbs behind. This handy dandy will make cleaning a breeze!

desk must have

12. A cactus humidifier will help you combat the dry as hell office air that appears to be present at every job.

13. A free-standing clipboard that can be used to display photos or important reminders of upcoming tasks. Whichever one is more important to you, do that.

14. A noise-cancelling headphones to break up all the noises that may affect your focus and productivity.

15. Fuel up in between meetings with our wonderful snack collection. Get our Treat Box. From our hearty granola, savory popcorns and a sparkling drink to get you going.

desk must have

16. Need to set the ambience for a Zen space, light up a candle and breeze through your day. Get our Candle set.

17. Lastly, turn up the music and let those creative juices flow. Will be with you in spirit with our Happy Bunch Spotify playlist.


Heading to your desk in the morning knowing it has everything you could possibly need.. Simply incredible. Go on seize your day!

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