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We made it through July and onward to bigger things!

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To say that the last 7 months passed by rather quickly is an understatement. The sheer intensity of driving a growing business and keeping up the momentum is both exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. There is tension in both parallels but the stress is necessary to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zone.
If I were to take one lesson to share from the last 7 months, it would be the courage to dream even bigger when it’s hardest to do so. If you’re not careful, work can turn to drudgery. Our outlook gets a little jaded. Our dreams a little faded. But that’s exactly when we need to dig even harder and search through the deep recesses of our hearts to recover our WHYs.
I had to ask myself the hard question: Is my WHY then still my WHY now?
I was speaking at a women’s conference recently when a lady approached me after my session. She asked “How do you know that you really needed to do this? To start your own business?” My response was simple, “When the idea kept me awake at night, and I simply couldn’t not do it.” As I heard my own quick response to her, I knew that I needed to dream again. To dream bigger than I’ve ever dreamed before. To be excited once again about fresh ideas and be in a position where I simply couldn’t not do it.
We expanded beyond our original #justbecauseflowers notion and ventured into the world of special occasions. Where flowers can be for any reason, no reason and now… for every special reason. For that, we launched our Black Luxe range. A little more extravagant, but still the same heart in every bunch. We kept with our burlap, but glammed it up with black burlap and rose gold tags.
To elevate the whole gifting experience even more, we introduced our spin on gift boxes – Happy Bunch of Things. We knew we didn’t want to foray into traditional hampers. We pushed ourselves to think “outside of the box” – pardon the pun, and landed with specially thought through, carefully curated box of stuff that will delight the recipient every time. And we knew we wanted to keep with being affordable so people could send #justbecausegifts. The response to our boxes has been overwhelming. Just this month alone, we have sold almost a thousand boxes so far and we find ourselves not able to top up as fast as they are selling out. It’s a great problem to have, I know!
Next week, we take our boxes beyond Klang Valley. Yes, you heard me correctly – Happy Bunch of Things will be available for delivery throughout Peninsula Malaysia! So order away for dearest even though they’re not so near.
There you have it. Don’t ever be afraid to stop and smell the roses. And when you’re there, allow yourself to dream. And you might discover a spark or an idea that you simply cannot not make a reality.
Here’s to many happy dreams – may you have the courage to live them.

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