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Ever wondered what is the significance of red roses on Valentine’s Day?

Roses have been used as a symbol of fertility, love, marriage, and passion for thousands of years. During the Victorian era, it became common to transmit clandestine messages through the medium of flowers. Sending flowers, also known as floriography, became a popular method for lovers and admirers to communicate secret messages that were considered inappropriate to share publicly under Victorian decorum at the time. Many of the tales, fables, and legends that were used to interpret each flower were derived from them. When the situation called for it, the meaning was concocted to fit the situation.

Why Red Roses?

But why roses? And why red? How did they come to be synonymous with Valentine’s Day?

It all comes down to a combination of mythological and practical considerations. According toReader’s Digestreports that red roses became associated with love in Greek mythology and tradition. In an interview with the publication, folklorist Sara Cleto, PhD, explained how the first red rose was produced when the Greek goddess Aphrodite was injured by a white rose’s thorn, causing the blossom to turn red. According to legend, the first red rose bloomed on the spot where Adonis, Aphrodite’s lover, died and the goddess’ tears fell.

Red roses, for example, are traditionally associated with love and romance, and they have long served as a potent emblem of passion in many civilizations throughout history. The rose was revered by a number of goddesses, including the Egyptian goddess Isis, and the ancient Greeks and Romans associated the flower with their deities of love, Aphrodite and Venus, respectively.


The Hidden Meaning Behind the Number of Roses in Your Bouquet

To help you better understand these meanings, we’ve created a comprehensive guide that explains what different numbers of roses mean – starting with just one.

A single rose – often gifted to those you love, a single rose indicates ‘love at first sight’.

2 Roses – you would gift two single roses to those you are deeply in love with.

3 Roses – ‘I love you’.

4 Roses – the perfect way to say ‘nothing will come between us’.

5 Roses – a great way signify your love for a special someone. If you want to show a partner or friend how much you care for them, five roses is an ideal option.

6 Roses – signifies ‘I want to be yours’. If you’re dating someone and wish to take your relationship to the next level, gifting them with six roses is the perfect way to subtly express those feelings.

7 Roses – when considering the meaning of roses, this quantity signifies infatuation.

8 Roses – if a friend or family member is going through a tricky time, eight roses is the perfect number to gift them with as it shows support.

9 Roses – a symbol of eternal love. You would often give this exact number of roses to those you wish to spend the rest of life with.

10 Roses – a simple yet powerful way to tell a special someone ‘they’re perfect’.

11 Roses – ‘you are my treasured one’.

12 Roses – A dozen is like picking the best heart from a Sweetheart candy box; it means “be mine.”

13 Roses – the meaning of roses when presented in the number 13 can either symbolize eternal friendship or a secret admirer.

14 Roses – if you’re proud of someone, 14 roses is the number to choose.

15 Roses – if you’ve done something to upset someone and wish for forgiveness, opt for 15 roses.

16 Roses – say ‘Bon Voyage’ with 16 roses.

17 Roses – this is the number of roses you would gift your wife, be it on her birthday or another special occasion.

18 Roses – if you wish to tell a loved one to ‘stay beautiful, I’m yours, gift them with 18 roses, a symbol of sincerity and trueness.

19 Roses – the number of roses to give someone you plan to wait for.

20 Roses – symbolic of sincerity and belief.

21 Roses – show your commitment with a bouquet of 21 roses.

22 Roses – this quantity boasts two meanings – togetherness and luck.

24 Roses – let a special somebody know they’re always on your mind with a gift of 24 single rose stems.

25 Roses – wish someone all the happiness in the world with 25 roses.

27 Roses – tell your wife how much you love her with 27 roses.

30 Roses – this quantity suggests faith and faithfulness.

33 Roses – signifies affection.

36 Roses – one way to remind your partner of all of the romantic moments you have shared together.

37 Roses – if you love someone from the bottom of your heart, tell them how much with the gift of 37 roses.

40 Roses – if you hold a genuine love for a special someone, this is the number to choose.

44 Roses – when you wish to pledge an unchanging and constant love.

47 Roses – this number signifies ‘you are my one and only’.

48 Roses – representative of an unchanging love.

50 Roses – unconditional love.

51 Roses – if you only have one person on your mind, choose a bouquet of 51 roses.

56 Roses – this number in a bouquet simply means ‘love’.

66 Roses – this quantity on the other hand suggests ‘my love for you will never change’.

77 Roses – this number of roses signifies ‘faith’ and that you believe the person you are gifting is your soul mate.

88 Roses – if you owe someone a rather big apology, 88 is the number of stems to choose.

99 Roses – want to let a special someone know you’ll love you till the day you die? Give them a bouquet containing 99 single rose stems.

100 Roses – a gesture of devotion.

So there you have it – if you’re planning to give roses to someone special soon, make sure you get the right number!

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