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Mother’s day musings

Mother's Day Musing

2019 makes the fifth year we celebrate Mother’s Day at Happy Bunch. Like every year, we gave it our all.

mday 00

Our flower fairy bobbing about in a sea of carnations – our Mother’s Day star bloom.

mday 03

Serious tender loving care goes into every bunch to make sure they look fine and dandy before we send them out – no joke!

mday 01

All hands on deck for special occasions! Here we have our techies making sure the bunches go to the right people at the right place.

mday 10

Our delivery partners with smiles, energy and outfit bright enough to match the sun. Thank you so much for the hard work, guys!

mday 05

Bunches and gifts all set and ready to make a lotta people smile.

mday 06

Our resident kitty, Hazel lending us her watchful eyes to make sure the delicate bunches stay safe. (Oh and a by-the-way shoutout to our Valentine’s Day collab partner Tapping Tapir for making a special appearance.)

mday 11

The biggest bunches we have this time around – the ginormous Mom Bunch size L. Momma’s gonna be blown away!

Screenshot 2019 05 13 at 10.55.45 AM

There were many more of us, but we only managed to seize a shot of the last ones standing after days and days of crazy hard work. (Spot the little ones who came to work with their super mamas on a Sunday!) Couldn’t have done it without this bunch of extremely dedicated and madly awesome human beings we call our family. A great big THANK YOU to our very own mothers who so graciously put themselves aside to make this happen for all the other mothers in Klang Valley. And to our customers who let us be a part of their celebration – thank you, from the deepest depths of our hearts. ‘Twas a very Happy Mother’s Day indeed ❤️

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