Gifts for Mother’s Day: Celebrating all that mom is

A mother’s love is universal. She bears life, she works behind the scenes, she’s a problem-solver and companion and confidante, all in one. In this Mother’s Day gift guide, we’ll explore all that mom is, drawing inspiration from around the world, to more deeply appreciate mom for her numerous qualities. We’ve also crafted a few gift selections for you, complete with Mother’s Day gift delivery!

Mom is nurturing
In India, there’s a harvest festival called Durga-puja, which honours Durga, the mother goddess. One of its rituals involves a bundle of nine different plants, representing her power over both crops and non-crops.

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We also love the symbolism of this, because mom never fails to feed and nurture us. So why not return the favour with a box of everything? Among our gifts for Mother’s Day, she’s sure to love the Treat Box, packed with healthy nourishing treats such as aloe vera honey, dark chocolate with cacao nibs, dragon fruit chips, and a soothing cup of Earl Grey.


Mom is wise
Over in China, Mother’s Day is commonly celebrated in May. However, in 2007, it was suggested that the date be changed to the birthday of Mencius’ mother. This legendary mom famously relocated three times while Mencius was young, so he could grow to love schooling. He became a scholar and a sage… all because of her incredible foresight. Now if you’re the scholarly type, or even if you’re not, a handwritten declaration of love always works.

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Our Mother’s Day card says You’re The Best, and we’re sure you can write something much better in it! As Mother Teresa said, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Your heartfelt words would be the simplest yet most rewarding thing of all, the best accompaniment to any gifts for Mother’s Day.


Mom is always there
The ancient Greeks and Romans also had a festival for a mother goddess, assimilated from an older Bronze-Age goddess, who was called Cybele. Indeed, even as civilisations rise and fall, mom remains eternal. Yes, it’s hard work always being there. On hand, on time, on track, just being… on.

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Do mom a favour to help her rejuvenate, and do it with our Lush Box? It’s designed for a pampering session, containing a body scrub, mask, anti-aging hand cream, lip balm and lip tint. A complete care package to help renew and reset. Alternatively, show that your love is forever with the Radiance Box, an artisanal collection of preserved flowers, which also comes with an exclusive lip care set!

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Mom is love embodied
Now we head over to 1800s America, where Mother’s Day was founded in memory of one Ann Reeves Jarvis. Ann’s life work was assembling a club of mothers dedicated to battling childhood illnesses, inspecting food, and providing medicines. During the Civil War, they volunteered as nurses on both sides. And after the war, she rallied the mothers of soldiers from both sides to reconcile their differences.

At her memorial service, her daughter gave out 500 white carnations because it was her favourite flower. Which is why today, when we send Mother’s Day carnations – which you’ll find in our Precious Bunch – it’s in honour of this, a lifetime of labour and a legacy of love. Alternatively, send a bunch of sweet daisies in our Treasure Bunch to commemorate the special day!

With these gift ideas for Mother’s Day, you’re bound to make mom feel extra special. By the way, order early and your gift delivery for Mother’s Day will come with a free Kosé Gift Pack and enjoy 6X Happy Points! And if any of these trivia have inspired you, do spread the joy and share the stories, because the world can never be reminded enough, that moms are just the absolute best.