July 21, 2020 2 min read

Don’t worry, sometimes we’re guilty of it too. Here are some tips & tricks we’ve learnt on the way to keep them alive.

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Flower Care 101: All you need is a pair of scissors, vase, water and of course… flowers!

Whether it’s a single flower, a small bunch or an extra large one, a little extra tender loving care can help make them last and look their best for longer. Before you do anything else, gently unwrap asap! Don’t forget to fill your vase with room temperature water too.

If any, remove leaves that are below the water line of your vase as the leaves in water will promote bacterial growth. An additional tip? Cut the stems at an angle from the end, while the stems are submerged in water. This step would allow the stems to draw in water instead of air.

Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight. Avoid putting them directly under ceiling fans, air conditioners or any appliances that may give off heat (ie. TVs).

Be sure to change the vase water daily, or every other day, even if the water hasn’t been used up – do not wait till the water becomes cloudy or murky. It’ll definitely affect the life of your flowers if they were drinking bacteria-water! Over the next couple days, remove any wilted petals or flowers from the bunch – as they release ethylene gas and may cause the others to wilt prematurely.

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These care tips will help make sure the blooms last longer, and look as beautiful as the day you received them. Naturally, there will come a point when the flowers will lose their lustre and will need to be said goodbye to. When it does, don’t worry! We’ll always be here to provide fresh blooms for you.


Did these tips help? What other info or fun facts you’d like to hear from us next? 

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