How To Care For Eustomas?

Your loved one gifted you a bouquet of eustomas? They are definitely a keeper.

You are probably wondering how to keep the blooms to last longer. Do not worry, we will teach you step-by-step on everything about Eustoma and 

all the love and care you can give to your bouquet of Eustoma to have a longer life!

What Are Eustomas?

Eustomas, also known as lisianthus or prairie gentian, are small annual herbaceous flowers belonging to the gentian family.

People often mistake them for roses but if you give it a closer look, roses are often small and their shrubs that change seasonally belong to the Rosaceae genus.

 Roses also have a light scent to it too. Meanwhile, eustomas are members of the Gentianaceae family and they are more known as perennial plants. 

Eutomas scents also appear to be different, based on the varieties and various colors. Eustomas are divided into two types: single-flowered eustoma and double-flowered eustoma and they come in various colors too!

Eustomas Flower Facts

Eustomas can reach heights of up to 60 cm and they are herbaceous annual flowers that have bluish-green, velvety leaves. Its long, straight stem bears a flower that is funnel-shaped. There are some types with branches that can reach heights of up to 18 feet.

They are commonly found in the southern United States, the Caribbean, Mexico and northern South America. You’ll often find them flourish gorgeously and grow in bare grounds and fields.

Eustoma Flower Meaning: The Different Colors

White Eustomas are symbolic of spirituality, harmony, innocence, and clarity.

Pink and Red Eustomas represent love and affection.

Green Eustomas are used to symbolise fortune, prosperity, and wealth-related wishes.

Orange Eustomas are associated with joy, happiness, friendliness, and positive emotions.

The purple Eustomas are reflections of beauty and royal power.

Yellow Eustomas represents bliss.

Where to Buy Eustomas in Malaysia

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