July 03, 2018 1 min read

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On Saturday, 30 June, we pitched to approximately 80 people at the pitchIN Issuer Preview Session at Worq, Glo Damansara. It was a little unravelling when a show of hands indicated that 80% of the crowd had not heard of Happy Bunch. Nevertheless, we knew we had something big and exciting to share that would captivate the audience, regardless. We hope we did!

We are confident that the floral landscape in Malaysia and around the region will see a shift when our plans for the future come to fruition. To get there, we need your help. We believe that with refreshed mindsets and the introduction of new technology, flowers will be made even more affordable (yes, that is possible!) and accessible. We’re so excited! As much as things are progressing well now, we believe this second wind will see a tipping point for the floral industry.

If you missed the Saturday presentation, we’ll be conducting 3 more sessions, especially for our fans and customers. Reserve your seats here.

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