November 13, 2019 1 min read

hbstory 1

We made it to year five, yay! Gotta say we have evolved quite a bit. While delivering simple, affordable happiness is still our core purpose, the good stuff we offer have definitely diversified. We launched our first step with one bunch a day. You’ve been with us since day one? *grouphug* Remember those simpler days?

Well, us folks here are heart people. We work hard not to lose ourselves as we thrive for growth. Our signature bouquets – now available weekly instead of daily – stay true to the classic, rustic Happy Bunch charm. Yup, you can still send a little surprise bouquet to your bestie just-because she finally paid off her car loan. Our unwavering belief in celebrating the little things in life remains steadfast. Our three new additions, the Happy Bunch of Things gift boxes, Black Luxe bouquets and Potted Plant collection are created thanks to your feedback actually. We’ve had countless requests for accompanying gifts. Many of you wanted something more for special occasions and something nice for the men in your lives. We’re very grateful when you tell us what you want – so keep those ideas coming.

We hope you’re enjoying what we have to offer today more than ever. With the year 2020 swooping in soon, we are chewing our nails off, but we can’t wait to take it for a good ride. We still have nice things coming to you till the end of the year, so don’t go anywhere!

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