December 30, 2020 3 min read

Some people say, “It’s the thought that counts.” We agree – that’s why you should put a bit more thought into it! In this guide to gift ideas for women, we’ll explore how to turn a good-enough gift into a great one.

Start with: her interests

Whether it’s gifts for girls or boys, we’ve been taught to think of what they like. Nothing wrong with that, but be very careful! Without a deep knowledge of their interest, you could end up getting something they already have, or don’t need, which is unsuitable, or just meh. Like if she’s a serious artist, she probably has her preferred brand of paints, or types of canvas, or brushes of a particular material. Unless you’re familiar with all that, getting her art supplies may be hit or miss. An art shop gift card might be better. But don’t stop there. Let’s take it further.

Then: something close to her heart

With a little research, you’ll find that gift ideas for women can also speak to something they care about. Maybe it’s the environment or cutting down on plastic use. Maybe it’s supporting local businesses, or promoting education for the underprivileged. Or it could be something mundane, like an obsession with cats (or other pets).

Now: combine the two

Here’s a cheat – oftentimes “thoughtful” gift ideas for women can be just a combination of her interests and ideals. Some examples we’ve come across: yoga mat made from repurposed wetsuits, workout gear and laundry mesh bag set, chocolates prepared by orang asli communities. The hallmark of these is that they’re highly specific to her character.

If not: maybe a novelty item?

Some great gift ideas for women are memorable just because they’re unique, ridiculous, naughty, or hilarious. These gag items may or may not be useful. Unexpectedness is key here. Think terrible joke books, or adult (ahem) colouring books. A sweater emblazoned with a relevant, witty pun. A duvet cover printed with their favourite K-pop idol. Inappropriately moulded scented candle – or just a classic one with our Inspiration Box. Novelty gift ideas for women should match her humour and sensibilities, be something both of you get, preferably with a shared story behind it. That’s what makes the thought count.

Or else: edibles!

Still drawing a blank? In this women’s gift guide, food is your fallback plan. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be good or great! Choose edibles carefully, and for a good reason. Chocolates – choose one made from single-origin cacao beans from a hidden valley in Peru, a low-sugar dark variety if she’s watching her calories. Tea – find a premium Russian blend packed in soft muslin teabags crafted in Paris. Has she been working on her wellness goals? Maybe a tisane with our Bliss Box, with different herbal blends to inspire different moods. Cake – is sure to excite her palate, because you already know her favourite flavours, right? For all gifts for her, always go back to the reason.

The finishing touch: personalize

All gift ideas for women should ideally be personalized. At its simplest, this means writing a note. Get creative, sentimental, even whimsical. Write yourself into it: “For when we finally make that trip to the beaches of Langkawi.” Recall your history: “This shade reminds me of your snazzy socks when we first met in 2012.” Invoke the senses: “Smells like the fresh page of a sudoku alongside our Sunday double-shot mocha.” Even better if you have a gift, note, and a bouquet of flowers!

Heartfelt thoughts such as these will never go unnoticed. They’re the emotional trigger in all gift ideas for her – gifting is an emotional experience, after all. Personalization just boosts the warm vibes, completes the package, and elevates any good gift to great.

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