March 29, 2021 3 min read

Have you ever received a bunch of flowers and felt truly elated, excited and happy? Do you feel delighted and incredibly grateful too? Well most people feel that way when they receive a beautiful bunch and there are actual scientific reasons behind why we feel this way when we get flowers. Here’s a particular study that we found super interesting that you can read here!

But long story short…

Flowers have been scientifically proven to make people happy. From boosting your mood or lowering stress, there’s nothing quite like a bouquet of colourful blooms to elevate your space – and your mood. More than half of the beauty is because of the blushing blossoms in countless hues.

Essentially, when you receive flowers it gives you a connection to nature and takes you out of your fast-paced environment for a while, giving you a sense of peace can calm. But it’s not just the actual flowers; the colours make you happy too. This is done through a process called colour therapy which is all about harnessing the power of colours to fire up your emotions. So, there’s no doubt that flowers are a great gift for any occasion. No matter what your struggles are, flowers are always there to act as great mood-lifters and make things pleasant by their mere presence. And we aren’t just saying that cause we’re a florist, but all of us here in the Happy Bunch team truly find happiness in blooms, which makes us even more excited to share these joys with you.


red rose

Symbolising classic romance and passion, it comes as no surprise that these blooms have long been associated with love – and the heart. In colour therapy, red stimulates physical energy, confidence and courage, and promotes alertness – so whether you need the courage or confidence to finally tell someone how you feel, or to simply take control of tough choices or decisions in your life, red roses remain the perfect choice.

161020 oct bpet belle web 03

Pink daisies encourage emotions of kindness, compassion and affection. Give this to a secret admire or to a role model who you think has inspired who you are or who you plan to become. Its bright and attractive colors have created a perfect blend of peace and comfort, making this flower a popular one!

joychong 01

Yellow inspires feelings of happiness and warmth – hardly surprising given our largest source of the colour is the Sun. It also drives confidence, clarity and contentment – the perfect flower to treat loved ones who may be facing a new challenge, such as starting a new job. Sunflowers also symbolise optimism and joy – the perfect choice of flower and colour to brighten up your home and mood.

2008 aug spong web 04

In colour therapy, purple packs a punch. Full of life and energy, its extravagance helps to stimulate feelings of inspiration, creativity and calm. Unlike other colours, it cannot be directly linked to any of the core natural elements – so it has a sense of magic. Purple roses will help to keep you motivated and inspired for all those creative projects you have been putting off, and keep you calm when you could be feeling overwhelmed.

FBIG Weekly Lily

Blue is considered a calming colour, reflective of the sea and sky. Blue can help to when seeking to reset a busy mind whenever life gets a little chaotic. This colour is also the classic variety of Forget Me Nots. These blue blooms help to stimulate mental clarity, creative expression and aspiration.


silver dollar eucalyptus

As an Earth colour, green is extremely grounding. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it helps to take us back to nature, such as the rolling countryside, lush woodlands and tropical rainforests. Its calming and peaceful nature aids in combating any anxious feelings, while stimulating love, balance and harmony in the body. Plus, eucalyptus leaves smells amazing and work great as natural air fresheners and medicinal teas.


Flowers are an amazing gift and as we’ve said they make you happier in so many ways! Studies also show that placing a floral arrangement in your homes can heighten your daily happiness that much more when you walk by them. Don’t wait for a special occasion, let us help deliver fresh blooms straight to your doorstep and bring a whole big dose of happiness into your home. Think of them as beautiful, fragrant and visual therapy!

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