January 16, 2023 3 min read

Usher in the new year of the Rabbit and send your sincere wishes to your loved ones with our Chinese New Year Gifts! This year, we’ve curated auspicious floral arrangements as well as several gift boxes that offer a modern twist compared to traditional hamper gifts.

Whether it’s for your relatives, friends, family, or business associates, we’ve got a gift that’s suitable for anyone. Browse through our latest Chinese New Year Gifts collection below:

Best Chinese New Year Gifts in Malaysia

Chinese New Year Gifts in Malaysia: Floral Arrangements

1) Prosperity Willow

Representing prosperity and wealth, chrysanthemums and the combination of lucky bamboo bring plenty of good luck during the New Year and many years to come. This floral arrangement is perfect to be placed in one’s home to spread positive vibes.

2) Red-Ily Auspicious

Carnations are known to cultivate good fortune and success, making this floral arrangement a great option to ensure plenty of success all year round. Flourish your home and impress your guests with this charming decoration piece.

3) Lucky Bamboo

As the name suggests, this floral arrangement is a great added decoration piece to your home interior for good luck. With the added gorgeous pink carnations, the overall aesthetic look enhances the new year mood.

Chinese New Year Gifts in Malaysia: Gift Boxes

These Chinese New Year Gift Boxes are the best option to take with you while heading over to an open house or simply as a gift to your loved ones.

1) Heavenly Indulgence Box

Our Heavenly Indulgence Box comes with 6 delectable Chinese New Year snacks that are commonly enjoyed by everyone. Send your sincere Chinese New Year wishes to your loved ones with this delicious gift box filled with luxurious treats.

2) Fortune Indulgence Box

A gift box that truly exudes indulgence which features up to 6 different Chinese New Year snacks! Indulge in a wide array of delicious treats and have wonderful memories with your loved ones this lunar new year.

3) Lunar Box

Usher in a healthy new year with our Lunar Box filled with nutritious traditional necessities such as goji berries, red dates and dried logans. The unique organic bean light soy sauce is what makes this gift box even more special!

Chinese New Year Gifts in Malaysia: Hampers

There are a wide variety of traditional Chinese New Year snacks as well as other delectable snacks. Some of these Chinese New Year Gift Hampers consist of tea bags as well as chocolates. Send your heartfelt wishes to your business partners, relatives, friends or family with this prosperous hamper.

1) Heavenly Bundle

Our Heavenly Bundle features 3 different hamper variations to choose from! Each of these hampers comes with 6 traditional Chinese New Year snacks: Pineapple Tarts, Prawn Rolls, Peanut Brittle, Egg Biscuits, Kuih Bangkit, and Coconut Biscuits. 

Aside from that, there are also Red Dates, Goji Berries and Dried Longans - the perfect combination for a healthier option. Additionally, the Organic Bean Light Soy Sauce by MU Artisan is also included! 

2) Fortune Bundle

Our Fortune Bundle features 3 different hamper variations to choose from! Some of the hampers consist of Artisan Water Rose Kombucha, Sparkling Honey Drink by HoneyB and BOH Spa Infusion Hibiscus Zest Tea aside from the traditional Chinese New Year snacks. 

There are also bundles, including chocolates such as Ferrero Rocher and Beryl's Classic Tiramisu Almond Milk Chocolate. 

3) Lunar Bundle

Our Lunar bundle only comes with 1 variation - this bundle would be a great option if you wish to get a hamper without the traditional Chinese New Year Snacks!

This bundle includes Eureka Butter Caramel Popcorn, Ferrero Rocher, Beryl's Classic Tiramisu Almond Milk Chocolate, Artisan Water Rose Kombucha and many more. 

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