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Baby’s Breath Flowers: All You Need To Know

Everyone knows and love these dainty Baby’s Breath flowers, they’re everywhere and used in almost every floral occasion! The small, delicate and fluffy white blooms have become florists’ favourite filler flower as it is so versatile to fill in around larger blooms. Though nowadays, most florists even do an entire bouquet filled with just Baby’s Breath cause they’re just too pretty to be on the sidelines and deserve to be the star flower.

Many marvel at their beauty and often know Baby’s Breath to be the iconic symbol of pure everlasting love. These tiny white flowers represent the purity of emotions, which is why they’re often used for bridal bouquets or wedding decor. It reminds people to cherish loved ones and show affection as much as possible. Aside from that, did you know it’s traditional in some countries to give new mothers floral arrangements featuring Baby’s Breath to signify new beginnings?

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Caring for Baby’s Breath

Lucky recipient of a bunch of Baby’s Breath? Someone must truly love you! Quickly unwrap it from it’s wrapping, snip them at their stems and place them in a vase of fresh water. Don’t forget to replace the water daily to keep them staying fresh as long as possible! You can also give them a fresh cut on the end of the stems daily to ensure the blooms continue to get a fresh source of water.

Received some white Baby’s Breath and want to dye them into all the colours of the rainbow? They’re some of the best looking flowers when dyed in different hues, which makes them lovely keepsakes for scrapbooks, photo frames, and decor displays too. They also make lovely gifts for any occasion.

Some of our favourite Baby’s Breath colour symbolisms? White Baby’s Breath means unity and spirituality while blue symbolises honesty and respect. Orange blooms symbolise joy and optimism while red Baby Breath’s – obviously – signifies love and romance. Pink ones are meant to express gentleness and emotions while purple conveys royalty and beauty. Yellow Baby Breath’s offer a gift of joy, cheerfulness and a ray of sunshine – our absolute favourite!

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Dying Baby’s Breath

Get some food colouring from your kitchen, cut the ends of the stems and let them drink up the coloured water. This would give them a faded pastel hue in a few hours! If you want a darker shade, add more food colouring and leave the flowers in coloured water overnight. Alternatively, purchase floral colour sprays from florists to achieve a more intensified hue on your flowers! Don’t worry, floral sprays are gently formulated so as not to harm these delicate blooms.

Baby’s Breath are very hardy and can generally last a little longer than the rest of the flowers you received. But once their time as fresh flowers is almost ending, we’d totally suggest to turning them into forever keepsakes! Our favourite things to do with flowers? Drying and pressing these beauties to turn them into forever decor. This can help preserve your beautiful blooms, as well as those special memories.

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Drying Baby’s Breath

Trim the stems to your ideal height and examine the flowers. Discard any blooms that are browning or damaged. Bundle them up with a twine or rubber band, and hang these babies upside down! A dry, dark room would be ideal as sunlight can cause its colours to fade. Drying will take about 5 – 14 days and it’s ready to add rustic elegance to your decors!

Pressing Baby’s Breath

Alternatively, you can press these beauties too! This will result in flattened flowers and stems that can be easily used on cards or frames. Trim the stems and discard any damaged blooms, and place the flowers in a single layer in between two tissue papers. Sandwich this layer between pages of a journal or a book! Apply even pressure on the flowers by using an item large enough to cover the book. Creating dried flowers would typically take 2 to 4 weeks, and then you’ll have a thoughtful momento for keeps forever!

Learn all about drying flowers with different methods here.

Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or just because, sending someone a surprise bouquet of Baby’s Breath is guaranteed to make them smile today. Plus, share these tips with them to keep this moment of joy frozen in time too!

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