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5 Must Have on your First Day at a New Job

First Day Must Have for a Successful First Day at Work

Let's face it: change, such as a new job, can be quite overwhelming for some (or perhaps the majority of us). It's a lot to deal with the tossing and turning overnight and the jitters on your way to work. Especially if you want to make a good impression on your first day at work.

Don't worry, we're here to help. Here's a list (but not limited to) of some of the things that could help you prepare for and navigate your first day at work.

Here are some first day must have at work to keep in mind:

The following points are courtesy of Indeed

1. Plan your commute to work

If you work in the city centre, knowing which route to take will cause you the least amount of traffic during peak hours is critical because we all know how bad traffic can ruin our day in an instant. #iykyk Better yet, here's a pro tip: try doing a test run instead to better estimate the journey.

2. Put on that smile and ask questions

The first impression you make on your first day at work is crucial because it will help you break the ice faster with your new boss(es) and colleagues, and showing excitement is a good thing. Smiles are contagious, so spread the joy and give others #ReasonsToSmile. It is also critical to pay attention to what people have to say during your onboarding and to ensure that any questions are answered. Curiosity demonstrates a desire to learn, which is usually admired.

3. Notepad and pen

We've all experienced information overload on your first day at work. It was definitely overwhelming. So don't be too hard on yourself; it's not your fault. Instead, you can do better by making important notes or key points that you can refer to later.

4. Dress appropriately

It is critical to understand and follow your company's dress code as well as its rules and regulations. This includes the attire you are permitted to wear to work. After all, it is a professional setting, so you should dress the part to impress not only your coworkers, but also potential clients and vendors - so keep that in mind and do it right on your first day at work. 

5. Water bottle and snacks

While keeping yourself busy on your first day at work, it is also critical to stay hydrated and avoid hunger. Keeping hydrated with a bottle of fresh water and packing some healthy snacks will keep you going while you wait for your lunch/tea break. Happy Bunch provides a variety of artisanal and healthy, local snacks to choose from here - and best of all, it's a gift to yourself on your first day of work. Check out our collection and build it your way.


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