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Fun Facts about Hydrangeas

9 Lesser Known Facts about Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are enchanting flowers with a world of fascinating secrets! At Happy Bunch, we adore these blooms, and we want to share some lesser-known facts about them. Let's dive into the captivating world of hydrangeas! 🌺🌿🌞

Discover the Diversity

Hydrangeas boast over 75 species, but in American gardens, 6 major types thrive: bigleaf, smooth, panicle, oakleaf, climbing, and mountain hydrangeas. Each type has unique requirements for soil, sunlight, and blooming time, ensuring a vibrant garden display.

Colours and Meanings

Hydrangea colors carry distinct messages.


Blue represents apology, gratitude, and understanding.

Purple exudes pride, royalty, and understanding.

White symbolizes vanity, purity, and grace.

Meanwhile, Pink expresses romance, true feelings, and sincere emotions.

Perfect Anniversary Gift

Celebrating your fourth wedding anniversary? Hydrangeas are the ideal choice, symbolizing celebration and appreciation. A thoughtful bouquet of hydrangeas will make your loved one's heart bloom! 💐💕

Unveiling the Sepals

Contrary to popular belief, hydrangeas do not have petals. The eye-catching "petals" are actually sepals, acting as nature's guardians to protect the flower buds. 🍃💮

Quenching Their Thirst

Did you know hydrangeas can absorb water through their sepals? Keep them hydrated by spritzing with water or even submerging the entire flower head.

Allergy-Safe Pollen

Great news for allergy sufferers! Hydrangeas have allergy-safe pollen, making them a wonderful choice for everyone to enjoy.

 The pH Palette

The color of hydrangea flowers is influenced by soil pH. Acidic soil produces mesmerizing blue hues, while alkaline soil yields charming pink tones. Play with soil acidity to paint your garden with a delightful color palette.

Two Distinct Shapes

Hydrangeas come in two enchanting shapes: "mopheads" with pom-pom clusters and "lacecaps" featuring flat-headed blooms. Each adds its own unique beauty to floral arrangements. 🌸💮

Sunlight Sweet Spot

For optimal growth, plant hydrangeas where they can bask in the gentle morning sun. Consider placing them on the north or south side to shield them from scorching afternoon heat. 🌞🏡🌼

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