At Happy Bunch, we believe in simple gestures. Our flowers are perfect for any occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to 'just because' moments. Choose from our beautiful, affordable bunches or something more luxe. Every bunch is thoughtfully curated to bring a smile and brighten someone's day.

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Simple Gestures, Thoughtful Connections

Best Florist for Hand Flower Bouquets

Here at Happy Bunch, we offer lush fresh flowers which are wrapped in either our signature honeycomb wrapping, brown paper or rustic brown burlap. Our florists are equipped with many years of experience under their belt. Hence, they curate beautiful flower bouquet designs using only fresh flowers. Each flower bouquet arrangement is handled with utmost care. If you’re looking for a reputable local florist, you won’t be disappointed with the flower delivery services from Happy Bunch! Our florists are able to customize designs and colors to curate the perfect fresh flower bouquet for any occasion. 

Exquisite Flower Bouquets

We offer many different types of flower bouquets such as sunflowers, roses and carnations, to name a few. Each type of flower holds a different meaning. Depending on the occasion, you should consider choosing the right type of flower before making your purchase.

Rose Hand Flower Bouquets

Rose bouquets are the perfect choice to convey your passion and love for the one you deeply care about. The different colour of roses represents its own meaning. For instance, yellow rose bouquets symbolizes friendship while pink represents joy and femininity, making it a great choice for valentine or wedding hand flower bouquets.

Additionally, rose bouquets also represent innocent love, which is also a way to confess to someone that you fell in love with them at first sight. The number of stalks in a rose bouquet has a different meaning as well.

Sunflower Hand Bouquets

If you’re considering sunflower hand flower bouquets, it’ll be a great option for those wanting to spread positivity or strength to your loved ones. They also symbolize good luck, making them a great option for graduation flower bouquets or as congratulatory bouquets. 

Lily Hand Bouquets

Lilies flower bouquets are a great option for those who are looking to showcase their love and devotion to the one they love. It also represents purity and innocence. White lilies are commonly used as condolences flowers since they also symbolize innocence after death.

Surprise Delivery for Flower Bouquets

Sometimes when you can’t express how you feel with words, you can always show them through actions instead. Surprising your loved ones with fresh flowers or gifts is one of the best ways to show your appreciation and care.

Happy Bunch offers surprise delivery services where you can simply pick your desired gift from our website and place your order. We will ensure your gift gets delivered on time and remain a surprise!

When it comes to a surprise delivery, it’s important to ensure the process of ordering is a smooth experience. It can be pretty stressful planning surprises, especially choosing the right hand flower bouquet! That is why we make it easy to place a surprise delivery order on our website. Customers won’t find it hard to choose their ideal fresh flower bouquet or gift before adding them into the cart and checking out!