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How to choose birthday gifts for her
Gifting is a highly personal thing, so here are some perfect birthday gift ideas for her. First things first, you have to know her – know her needs and wants, and more importantly, her preferences. Should your gift be about desirability, or practicality, or novelty? Ideally it’s a balance of all that, but the best is what she prefers! With that out of the way, let’s get into some simple birthday gift ideas for her.



Happiness you can remember
A journal is excellent for recording the highlights of your day, provided your recipient has a habit of using it. It’s a growing repository of personal positive thoughts. Looking through old journal entries, from time to time, helps people recall their happy moments. And when you think about it, that’s a gift that keeps on giving. Imagine, of all the birthday gifts for her, it’s the one she can revisit decades later, for a trip down memory lane – made possible by you. How about that? Some of our favourite local brands who do amazing journals? Anatomy, PapergeekCo & Mossery!


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Beauty that inspires
On the topic of memories, have you ever seen someone press a flower in a book to dry it out? Perhaps it was a rare specimen, or a single bloom given in a spontaneous sweet moment, or one chosen keepsake from an extraordinary bouquet. It’s an interesting practice, and solid proof of the appeal of flowers. They’re inspiring as a great paradox of life, yet cherished even in death. Delicate in nature, yet strong in presence. Their colours illuminate the room and their aroma calms the mind, as they quietly lift your mood. That’s why flowers are a timeless choice among birthday gift ideas for girls. They don’t last. So they inspire us to live in the present.


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An experience to live for
It seems to be a trend now, to emphasize experiences over objects. More and more, we’re craving experiential moments (such as a new adventure), rather than material items (such as a pair of shoes). Makes sense, wanting a deeper appreciation of life. So how about live music? Think tickets to a concert, or an indie band playing at a hidden lounge. It could be a grand night at the orchestra, or a theatre play. If she’s the active type, take her for a day out of rock climbing or trampolining or an obstacle course. You could even purchase a trial course of dance classes… or Muay Thai, if that’s her thing. It would definitely be among the more memorable birthday gifts for her.



Focus on the feels
When it comes to the vague realm of feelings, you could try art – one of the more thoughtful birthday gift ideas for women. Now art is the most subjective of subjects, so be aware of her tastes. A good bet is seeing the type of art she likes on Instagram, preferably by a local artist (our current fav is Eurekartstudio & Tinypinc!!). Look up the artist, and commission a piece with a photo reference. Nostalgia always works. It could be a picture of the kampung house she grew up in, or a road trip taken with her first car, or a reminder of halcyon days from your early friendship. Hand-painted artwork is a direct expression of effort and attention… even if it isn’t yours. On the plus side, you’d be supporting our local talents!


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Make the mundane special
Even if you default to tried-and-true birthday gifts for her, make an effort to personalise it. Looking for a gift box? You can customise your own Kraft Box or Luxe Box, and add-on particular items you know she’d love, from snacks and books to soaps and candles. If you want something different from flowers, try plants! Notice how everyone’s suddenly gone plant-crazy over the MCO? A touch of green in your home never hurts.

Lastly, we can’t have a women’s birthday gift guide without mentioning food! Have one big cake the traditional way, or choose a selection of delicious bites, more suited for sharing in a big party. They’re all made by local bakers, crafted with love and care, the only way befitting your occasion.


What’s your go-to birthday gift ideas for her?