Orchids are one of the most exotic blooms out there, bringing beauty and grace to any occasion – almost like the champagne of flowers! In feng shui, Orchids are also considered one of the luckiest houseplants, which is why many gift them for housewarming, workspaces or grand openings for good luck and fortune.

They’re also one of the largest and most diverse group of flowering plants in the world – ranging with more than 25,000 types. They add an elegant flair to floral bouquets and make grand statements in special occasion centrepieces. Best part? These blooms aren’t only suuuuper elegant and pretty, but they’re also a great pollinator to bees and butterflies in thriving habitats.

Orchid flowers are one of the most popular cut flowers on the market, and could even signify a higher status when compared with Roses. Cut and potted Orchid flowers have enduring qualities, which make them a long-lasting gift to display. Orchids bloom in almost every colour except black, and have a reputation of being difficult to care for, which makes us cherish their beauty a thousand times more! Here are some of our favourite flowers we love to use in our Orchid Flower Bouquets:


large orchids orchid flower bouquet

(🔍 Purple Cymbidium Orchids in an Orchid Flower Bouquet)

Cymbidium Orchids

Commonly known as ‘boat orchids’, Cymbidium Orchids is fairly versatile to care for as they can be grown in a garden or as an indoor houseplant. Fun fact, they can actually produce up to 30 blooms per stem (which is ALOT!). Sending purple Cymbidium Orchids show gratitude, admiration and respect with a touch of class


orchids orchid flower bouquet

(🔍 Yellow Dancing Lady Orchids in an Orchid Flower Bouquet)

Dancing Lady Orchids

These beauties are known as Dancing Lady Orchids due to their petals resembling skirt-like frills! Yellow Dancing Lady Orchids make great gifts to new parents, housewarming and even newlyweds because they symbolize vitality and cheerful new beginnings. Also, one of our favourite hues to spread the sunshine!


pink orchids orchid flower bouquet

(🔍 Pink Phalaenopsis Orchids in an Orchid Flower Bouquet)

Phalaenopsis Orchids

One of the most common type of orchid, they’re relatively easy to grow inside and stay in bloom for most of the year. These are also the most common gift during Chinese New Year! Phalaenopsis Orchid flowers in pink tones represent feminity and grace, and can convey sentiments of good health and strong friendships.


orchids orchid flower bouquet

(🔍 Blue Dendrobium Orchids in an Orchid Flower Bouquet)

Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium Orchids are one of the largest blooms in the family. Pried for their hardiness, exotic tropical vibe and versatility of use – these little gems are an absolute show stopper! Blue Dendrobium Orchids are extremely rare, so when you are able to get your hands on them, gift them to your special someone that is just as rare! You know what they say, the rarer the flowers you gift, the deeper your love.


mokara orchids orchid flower bouquet

(🔍 Red Mokara Orchids in our Orchid Flower Bouquet)

Mokara Orchids

Mokara Orchids are actually one of the few orchid species that can’t be found in nature. They are man-made and created by cross-breeding a few different orchid genres. These lovely blooms that look like stars can brighten anyone’s day! And of course, predictably, red Mokaras represents romance and passion to send a loving message to your significant others.


Just received Orchids in your bouquet? These delicate beauties will require gentle attention and here’s how you can make them last longer.

✿ Unwrap them asap

Unwrap the blooms and submerge them in water for ten minutes to refresh the blooms from their journey to you. Cut one inch off the stems at an angle for easier water absorption and remove any leaves below the vase waterline (this excess foliage can introduce icky bacteria to grow and make your Orchid flower rot faster). Don’t forget to repeat these steps daily to ensure them living a full life!

✿ Never, ever, ever, overwater your Orchids

While we’ve always reminded you to cut your stems & change vase water daily, it’s a little different for Orchids. Giving them a little bit of clean water daily (specifically, around a quarter volume of your vase) will do wonders. Tons of water will encourage your Orchids to have a severe case of root rot. One quick way to tell if your Orchid flower needs more water is if the leaves, stems and petals start drooping and losing their vibrancy.

✿ Don’t keep them in direct light

An orchid’s natural habitat is growing in lush jungles and forests where a thick canopy protects them from direct sun exposure. Keep your Orchids in a room that receives natural light, but away from the windows or any spot with direct sunlight. Not doing so will cause your Orchid to dehydrate and lose its colors! Side note: keeping them in rooms with high humidity, misting their leaves or running a humidifier nearby can work wonders.

You can also go the extra mile by giving them some soothic music to listen to – vibrations from music are said to help them produce more helpful internal nutrients! Caring for these beauties doesn’t need to be hard work, just a few minutes out of your day with some thoughtful care. No sweat, no tears! Just beautiful flowers!


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