With their large, bountiful and fluffy blooms, Hydrangeas make a beautiful addition to any bouquet, and ultimately in your home. They’ve became a popular flower everyone loves, and widely associated with heartfelt emotions, sincere gratitude and understanding. Hydrangeas come in a huge range of colours, including green and white! Did you know that what actually affects their colour is the pH value of the soil they grew in? Acidic (below pH6) soil turns them in blue hues, while alkaline (above pH7) soils gives the red and pink varieties.

Just like all things beautiful in the world, unfortunately, they don’t last forever. But here are some tips that can help your Hydrangeas flourish for a little longer.


Hydrangea Care 101


Unwrap your flowers as soon as you get them, cut 1 inch off the stem at an angle so it gets more surface for water absorption. You can also opt to cut upwards, or a few pokes with a pin to increase hydration. Do strip off any excess leaves that fall below the water line, as leaves under water can encourage bacterial growth.

As their names suggest, Hydrangeas love hydration! So they’ll need to be constantly hydrated daily as they will wilt immediately without a water supply. To keep the water clean and fresh, it’s important to recut its stem and change the water daily – especially if it starts to look cloudy. To further hydrate them, you can mist its petals, or use floral preservatives or a teaspoon of sugar in its vase water to enhance the nutrients. PS. Your vase should also be thoroughly clean if not, the existing bacteria will still continue to multiply and rapidly affect your blooms conditions.

Do make sure your Hydrangeas are kept in a cool environment and not under direct sunlight, which can dry out its fluffy petals. Colder temperatures can increase your Hydrangea life significantly! If you feel like your Hydrangeas are wilting too soon, or dehydrated – you can also dunk the entire flower head into tepid water. It could take up to 45 minutes or longer till you start seeing the Hydrangea blooms start to rehydrate and perk up.

These care tips will help make your Hydrangeas last longer, and look as beautiful as the day you received them. Naturally, there will come a point when the flowers will lose their lustre and will need to be said good bye too. But when it does, don’t worry. There are so many other ways where you can repurpose them: framing them up, making potpourri or pressing flowers! Plus, we’ll always be here to provide fresh blooms for you, delivered straight to your doorstep.


Surround yourself with fresh flowers today and be inspired by its natural beauty and inspiring appeal – so small in size yet big in beauty, so short in life yet long on effects.