We give and receive love in different ways, and there’s no better excuse to shower loved ones with gifts than during the holiday season. But, as we all know… it’s not always easy finding the perfect gift.

Did you know gift preferences often have to do with their love language type? According to Gary Champman, most of our preference to receive and gift follows ‘The 5 Love Languages’ concept: words of affirmation (to be verbally acknowledged), acts of service (to have their partners do tasks for them), receiving gifts (to be given tokens of love), quality time (to enjoy companionship), and physical touch (to be in physical contact).

Not sure what we’re talking about? Take the official love-language quiz here.

Long story short, it’s important that we know the recipients’ love language so we can effectively convey our love for someone and to find them the perfect gift. Here’s our Holiday Gift Guide according to the love language types:

Physical touch


Holding hands, warm hugs or cosy cuddles… People of this love language often favour physical signs of affection which makes them feel loved, safe and seen. Set the scene with our Glow Box and treat them to a DIY Spa at home! Including foot rubs and back massages. In addition to those, if you aren’t able to physically be there for them… our Holly and Jolly Plant can do a great deal of letting them know you love them. Plus, taking care of them can help improve their wellness too.

Words of affirmation


Words are everything! Whether they are written or spoken, they place a lot of importance on what you have to say. Speak from the heart and let them know how you feel, how much they mean to you and how they’ve positively impacted your life. Go on, express your holiday love and pour your hearts out on our Joy Card, which can be added on to all our Flowers, Plants & Gift Boxes.

Quality time


All about giving someone your undivided attention, not just watching Netflix together. Quality Time is time spent in real connection with the other, like cooking, playing board games or going on a trip together. Since we can’t travel overseas at the moment, cheeky local staycays will have to do! Surprise him or her with a weekend getaway, or gift them our Staycay Pouch which is curated to bring the hotel vibes straight to your home.

Receiving gifts


Gift-giving is fundamental, but it the monetary value of it rarely matters for this person. It matters how much effort you put into the gift, specifically tailoring it to them and their needs. Build-A-Box with us, pick out their favourites from our selection and show them how much you really know them. But if you really do suck at picking… opt for our Joy Box which is filled with all things festive and thoughtful.

Acts of service


Actions speak louder than words and it’s the things you do that they adore you for. This love language is based on the nitty-gritty things of everyday life, including chores and any other mundane tasks. Send your bae some Christmas Blooms, and let them know you’d do that thing they’ve been really wanting you to do (yep, even if it means doing the laundry or taking out the trash).

No matter your gifting budget, there are plenty of meaningful ways to communicate your appreciation and gratitude. If you find it overwhelming, start with a simple and limited list of tasks you can do or help with. Make the most basic kind of card to give — maybe just a folded piece of paper with a heart on it and a simple declaration of love. Spend five minutes of quality time together and work up from there. Hold your partner’s hand on your evening walk. Sweep the kitchen floor.

At the end of the day, it is truly just the thought that counts!