October 31, 2020 1 min read

Are you team Disney Princess or Disney Villain? Let’s be honest, we’ve all got a little evil deep down inside of us… Here at Happy Bunch, we take all festivities seriously! Flowers set the mood for any occasion and Halloween is no exception. So of course, we had to theme this spooky season to all things Disney.

Got angry when someone didn’t invite you to the party? Always wanted to be the fairest one in the land? Helping poor unfortunate souls? We admit, some days we share the same traits as Disney Villains too.

02 halloween

Inspired by her evil laughs, slithering tentacles and body language – we curated luxe blooms to resemble Ursula. The perfect Villainess Bunch if you dare… don’t worry, it won’t cost you your voice!

03 halloween

On the flip side, some enchantment for all things dreamy and magical – a Princess Bunch inspired by Belle. Red Roses to represent your timeless love, with a hint of gold for that vintage flair.

04 halloween

Re-discover some of the classic fairytales with twists to your favourite heroes, heroines and villains. These Twisted Tale Novels add new elements of horror and suspense, a suitable read for your Halloween weekend.

seniman kakao halloween add on 01

Being stuck at home this Halloween doesn’t mean you need to miss out on all the fun. Surprise your loved ones with our festive boo-quets and throw a horror movie night in this weekend! Plus, we’we’ve even included some delicious Seniman Kakao chocolates as a sweet treat. Simply add it on to your boo-quets to make it that much sweeter.

Check out some of our other Luxe Petite Bunches that are Halloween inspired and spook-tacular:

05 halloween

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