Gerbera Daisy Flowers: Facts, Flower Care & More! 

What are Gerbera Daisies? 

Gerbera daisies are one of the most popular flowering plants in the world. In fact, it is the fifth most popular cut flower in the world. These daisies have the reputation of being happy-looking and beautiful. Gerbera is also commonly known as the African daisy.

Gerbera flower meaning: The different colors

Gerbera daisies come in various different colors. Each colour has a meaning associated with it!

Pink Gerberas

The most famous colour for gerbera daisies is the colour pink! Like many other pink flowers, they are ideal to send a message of elation, congratulations and celebration. In particular, light pink gerberas signify respect, admiration, and compassion. Darker hues of pink gerberas, on the other hand, are often a symbol of gratitude.

Yellow Gerberas

Yellow gerbera symbolises friendship and happiness. This flower will be a great gift to friends or people recovering from illness as it will brighten their gloomy day!

White Gerberas

White gerbera daisy flowers represent purity and innocence and it is used when you want to send a clear message of affection or a wish for good health and inspiration. It is often used at weddings and baptismal occasions!

Purple Gerberas

Being the symbol of elegance and royalty, purple colour certainly adds a beautiful shade to gerbera daisies! They signify pride, grace, fascination, and charm.

Orange Gerberas

Orange Gerbera will brighten someone’s day just like a fire that lights up a dark space. Orange gerberas represent happiness, joy, friendship, and warmth. It is the perfect colored flower to give if you want to encourage and enliven someone.

Red Gerberas

Red flowers are suitable to express love and romance. Red gerbera is also a well-known symbol of romantic love and passion, and a perfect romantic gift to share with someone special!

Gerbera Flower Facts

> Gerbera flowers are native to tropical regions of South America, Africa and Asia.

> Gerbera is widely used as a decorative garden plant or as cut flowers. It is the fifth most used cut flower in the world right after rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, and tulip.

> There are several meanings for gerbera daisies. The meaning of gerbera flowers stems from those attributed to the general daisy family. These meanings include innocence and purity. The Celts believed that the gerbera would lessen the sorrows and stresses of everyday life. The Victorian meaning of the gerbera daisy is happiness. The gerbera daisy seems to hold its rays open to the world radiating pure happiness. The Egyptian meaning of gerberas is closeness to nature and devotion to the sun.

> Gerbera can be a great home remedy to help you sleep. They continue to release a continuous stream of fresh oxygen through the evening hours, which will help you sleep!

Gerbera Flower Care

Tip #1: Gerbera must be regularly fertilized.

The lack of nutrients will cause the gerbera daisies to not bloom or even wilt. Gerbera daisies are well-known to bloom very well. If a flower can bloom very well, it requires a lot of food and nutrients. You have to make sure to fertilize the gerbera daisies every month.

Tip #2: Gerbera daisies require a maximum amount of sunlight.

Potted gerberas require much more sunlight. Day temperatures should be around 21-27°C and night temperatures of 16°C. This will help flowers to bloom in 10 weeks' time.

Tip #4: Cut your Gerbera stems at an 45 degree angle

Removing the leaves at the bottom of the pot will avoid any type of mould or fungus to start. Also make sure to cut your stems at a 45 degree angle for better water absorption.

Tip #3: Gerbera must be pruned.

A Gerbera that is watered will be ready for pruning when required. When you prune the Gerbera, you have to make sure that you are removing any leaf that has sun damage. Use floral scissors or sharp regular scissors to cut off the leaves.

Tip #5: Do not over-water the Gerbera daisies.

Over-watering will cause gerbera to not get a fresh flow of air and also go through a fungal attack. The leaves of the plant will turn yellow and eventually wilt due to the fungal attack.

It is quite clear that gerbera daisies are certainly must-have daisies for all flower lovers and also for people looking to gift their loved one with a flower bouquet. Check out our latest collection of gerbera daisy flowers featuring a wide variety of gorgeous designs at Happy Bunch!

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