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All About Gerbera Daisy Flowers

Daisy flowers are cheerful flowers that make an appearance in home styling, fashion embroidery, fragrances and, even food! They’re also an extremely common flower to gift mothers or just about anyone else who you truly care about as they translate to appreciation, gratitude and new beginnings.

These cheery flowers brighten up moods and add freshness to rooms with a pop of vibrant Daisy flower color – making them the perfect gesture for many different special occasions. Additionally, Daisy flowers are also the birth month flower for April.

When you think of Daisy bouquets, you might picture the classic white petals around a bright yellow center (and our fav song Daisies by Katy Perry), the ones we use to play ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ by dramatically plucking off one petal at a time. But there are over 22,000 different species of Daisy flowers to love. The most popular, and one of our favorites, are the Daisies – which comes in a rainbow of colour.

Daisy bouquets radiate sunshine and pure happiness. These vibrant Daisy flowers are a celebration of life and it’s evident in all their radiant colors! One might even say it’s impossible to not smile when presented with a bunch of these beauties. Other than the obvious reasons, they’re one of our favorite blooms to use in our arrangements because they’re simply just so beautiful, versatile and a modern-day classic bursting with joy.

Can’t decide which coloured Gerbera Daisies to get?

Gerbera Daisies Colour Meaning Explained:


Orange has always been associated with enthusiasm, energy and warmth. So when it comes to orange Daisy flowers, they can easily bring a room alive with positive energy. Which makes them the perfect flowers to give when someone needs a little push and encouragement.


Red is the colour of passion so of course, these vibrant and rich red Gerbera Daisy bouquets signifies true love! Making them desirable and passionate blooms to share with your special someone for every occasion.



Yellow Gerbera Daisy bouquets are like a dollop of sunshine and represents all things joyous and cheerful. A great choice to brighten someone’s day by infusing happiness into friendships, and an instant way to be someone’s sunshine when their skies are grey!



Innocent, pure and perfect. White Gerbera Daisies flowers are a lovely gesture to send, offering meanings of purity, inner peace and pure love. This is why these soft hues are often used to perfectly complement wedding or spiritual events!



Pink Gerbera Daisy is ideal for sending a message of congratulations and celebrations! They also make the sweetest gifts to everyone you love and care for, as they bring tons of positive energy and joy. Alternatively, light pink shades are associated with getting well soon or thank you messages, while darker shades of pink can express gratitude or sympathy and concern.

These blooms are so cheerful, you’d definitely want to keep them around for as long as possible.

Simple & Easy Gerbera Daisy Flower Care Tips:

  1. Make sure your vase is thoroughly cleaned prior to adding your Gerbera Daisy bouquet to it. They are particularly susceptible to bacteria, which can make the stem droopy.
  2. After receiving, remove the protective plastic cups from the blooms. Cut the stems at an angle and remove any leaves that are below the waterline. Bacteria grows and attaches itself to leaves in the water, so, the less you have under water, the better for your flowers.
  3. After prepping, immediately place your Daisy flowers into fresh and clean water. Remember to replace the water and recut the stems daily to reduce the build-up of bacteria!
  4. Use flower food in your vase water to keep your flowers happy and healthy. No flower food? Fill your vase with a teaspoon of sugar to make a homemade and nutritious snack for your Gerbera Daisies.
  5. Place them away from heat as Daisies thrive best in cooler temperatures. Do keep them away from any fruits or vegetables too, as they produce ethylene gas that is lethal to your flowers.

As you can see, it’s super easy and simple to care for your Gerbera Daisy bouquet, just a few minutes of your day and our helpful steps!

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Ready to care for your own bunch of Gerbera Daisy flowers, or simply want to elevate the vibes at home? Head on over to our collection of fresh flowers here. It’ll brighten up your loved one’s day. Guaranteed!