March 06, 2018 2 min read

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International Women’s Day is happening in a few days! We’d like to hop on the wagon to honour our collab partner Batik Boutique, the wonderful hands, and minds behind the brand and the wonderful cause they stand for.

Batik Boutique is a social enterprise that produces unique Batik products with an inspirational purpose. Batik Boutique equips vulnerable women with sustainable income by employing them to produce Batik products, making a tremendous contribution to the women in lower-income communities. Their passion for empowering women has touched our hearts as we share the same values – empowering women and bringing happiness through what we do. We aspire to press for progress and spread the positivity to you through their stories.

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As the founder & CEO of Batik Boutique, Amy envisions to transform and empower women. She believes that when women in lower-income communities have access to sustainable pay and dignified employment to meet their needs, they are able to progress and improve their quality of life. By providing sustainable skills training and jobs to women in Malaysia, Amy has created opportunities for over 50 artisans to earn their own income and provide for their families.

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The star seamstress of Batik Boutique, Zana, is also a hardworking mother of seven. With her strong leadership qualities, she empowers other artisans and motivates them to reach their goals, while her precise skills and high standards help Batik Boutique improve their quality and efficiency. At home, she trains her children to accomplish goals and tasks using methods learned at the sewing center, passing on hard-working values to the next generation.

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Kylin Kwan, the production manager of Batik Boutique has always been passionate about fashion. After graduating in Melbourne, her resolution to give back to Malaysia led her to her job at Batik Boutique, where she ensures quality and timely production of their collections are met. Determined to press for progress, she empowers and trains the seamstresses on new techniques, while making sure that they are able to meet the needs of their families.

These three women and their team truly embody women empowerment, and we’re glad we have the privilege to shed a light on their story. Together, let’s play a part and be an inspiration to others. Let’s all press for progress and make a positive difference for all women.

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